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ST Correspondent
Monday, 9 April 2018

The newly launched app Live.me lets you interact with social media influencers and also helps you earn reward points

Live.me is a perfect app for the ‘always online’ generation. It is a live broadcasting app and streaming platform that allows users to communicate with each other and social influencers live. Developed and launched by Cheetah Mobile, the makers of popular utility apps such as Clean Master, CM Security and Battery Doctor, Live.me allows real-time video broadcasting amplified by an assortment of features such as interactive stickers, face-mapping technology and exchange of digital gifts such as unique emoticons. It allows users to share their favourite broadcasts or live events happening near them directly with their friends via various popular social apps.

Be it a party, a family gathering or just a bunch of friends fooling around, live video streaming has become an integral part of the millennial generation. Live.me app fuels this increasing desire to always be online. QuizBiz is a live interactive quiz session wherein users answer a set of questions from a wide range of genres within a limited period of time. The quiz, hosted by famous actors and anchors such as Gaurav Gera and Sahil Khattar, gives the ideal dose of challenge and excitement as you test your grey matter against time. The winners are paid cash on a real-time basis, which they can redeem via PayPal or Live.me coins. 

Live.me also has an ever-expanding collaborative base with popular influencers such as Vishakha Sodha, Shruti Singh, Sonel Singh, Avanie Joshi, Shahzan Mujeeb, Nalin Swami, RJ Diamond,  RJ Kalpesh and others. Currently, the app has more than 50 influencers with whom users can interact frequently. Additionally, guest sessions with performers such as Rajasthani folk singing sensation Ustad Mame Khan have further endeared the app to its followers.

Enhancing the localised consumer engagement quotient, Live.me has introduced a unique feature called India specific virtual gifts, ranging from Laddoos, Samosas to other quirky festive stickers. These gifts have proven to be a significant aspect of the app’s monetisation and gifting process, with the app processing more than USD 1 million in virtual gift payments to its streamers, within seven months of its inception. 

Encouraging people to move on from scripted content that lacks surprises, Live.me undoubtedly is a great digital proponent of living the ‘LIVE’ life.

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