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Amrita Prasad
Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Ahead of the premiere of TVF Tripling 2, Sumeet Vyas talks about the new season, new surprises and working in the web space

Sumeet Vyas has been successful in making his presence felt in all mediums — theatre, TV, films and web. From web shows like Permanent Roommates, Bang Baaja Baaraat and TVF’s Tripling, to doing films like English Vinglish, Ribbon and Veere Di Wedding, Sumeet has made a place for himself not just as an actor, but also as a writer in the web space.

Now, Sumeet, along with Maanvi Gagroo and Amol Parashar, is all set to take the audience on a crazy road trip with TVF’s Tripling season 2. From road trip to sibling love to crazy fights, the trailer of the show has already got us nostalgic and excited all at once. After the massive success of the first season, the second season carries forward the stories of Chandan, Chanchal and Chitvan as they encounter funnier situations and explore new facets of their sibling relationship along the journey. 

This season, you’ll also get to meet new characters — Gajraj Rao, Shweta Tripathi and Rajit Kapur, who are all amazingly talented actors. 
Sumeet tells us more about the series and the fast changing face of Indian entertainment. 

The first season of Tripling was successful and a hit among youngsters. Did you feel pressured and nervous doing the second season? 
No, not really. The only pressure that we felt was to tell a new story. We didn’t strive to outdo what we had done in the first season, but we worked hard to create a new story. We never wanted to cash in on the glory of the first season. Had we wanted to do just that, we would have come out with the second season way earlier. It took us a year to write the new season and two years to make it. The freshness comes from the fact that we have not tried to recreate any hit moment from the first season. Instead we focused on creating new sequences.  

Tripling talks about the bond between siblings and the content found a connect with the audience. Do you think this kind of content works? 
The story revolving around siblings struck a chord with the audience. I personally love watching stories about f***ed up families (dysfunctional families). If you try to look for stories within every family all over the world, you’ll get so much content that is going to be funny. Any normal looking family will also have some unique story that may tickle you. We’ve already cracked formulae like love stories, action, crime and so on, but after a point these stories tend to become predictable. However, stories revolving around families, will never get predictable or go out of fashion because each family is different and unique in its own way.    

Does acting and writing for films, theatre and web require different skills, methods and approach? 
Writing for all these platforms is different as they require different disciplines and formulae. Even if you have a unique story, there are still those beats you need to hit. Web is a new format and it is a lot of fun writing or acting in this space — you get to create arches for each and every character and get enough time to develop it. You can even plant something new in the first episode and have a recall in the last episode. Also in web, you have finite series which gives you the freedom to keep things interesting, unlike in an infinite series. 

What are you thoughts on Indian theatre? Where is it headed? 
For years, we have been hearing that theatre is dying, but there are some new and exciting things happening in that space too. Theatre is a unique medium because it is a live form of art and anything that is live has its own charm. For example, even if an average song is heard live, you feel so good and connected to it as compared to listening to it on the radio. Listening to an artist and or watching him perform live is an experience. That said, it is tough to watch a live show because you have to buy tickets, travel, reach the venue on time etc. A live performance can be great or average, however, the feedback is instant. In fact, web feels a lot like theatre because it almost gets instant feedback from viewers and like theatre, you are constantly tweaking stuff based on the feedback that you get. In theatre, if you see that the audience is not responding well, your voice goes up, your gestures change, you start moving around the stage, you add a little more energy to your performance and bring more drama to it and start using a bag of tricks to get the audience interested in the act.  

All the episodes of Tripling 2 will go live from April 5 on SonyLIV and TVFPlay.

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