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Sakal Times
Sunday, 12 August 2018

Heading to the gym may be a problem during the rains. Why not switch to these online fitness solutions?

Monsoons are always delightful for the soothing climate, lush greenery and irresistible pakodas and chai, which most of us indulge in. But fitness enthusiasts may find it difficult to head to the gym for regular workout. Fret not for the following apps will keep you on your toes and make you sweat while it pours outdoors. 

Trifecta is a platform that focuses on functional fitness training whether you’re working out at home or at the gym. It is useful for people who perform CrossFit training as it caters to their exercise and dietary needs.

The app provides a daily workout routine, nutrition tracker and has useful tools like kilo-to-pound converter as well as a CrossFit box finder.

Squats is an online consultation platform to seek professional help for one’s fitness and health goals. The platform offers customised diet and fitness plans created by a team of expert fitness consultants. It is also personalised to the needs of individual consumers such as offering a uniquely tailored diet plan, fitness goal-tracking and counselling services.

7 Minute Fitness allows you to customise your workout. You can choose from a bunch of workouts such as the Classic, Leg Workout, Butt Workout or a 30-day challenge where the app will track your daily workouts and help you achieve the goal. Each workout set has detailed instructions for the exercises it involves along with demonstrative videos.

That does make sense because if you are spending only about 7-10 minutes a day on working out your body, it better be efficient.

MyFitnessPal has everything you seek for a healthier lifestyle. Once you create an account on the service, the app will create a calorie intake goal for you based on the information you provide such as your age, height, weight, daily activity, fitness goals etc. Post this, you can add your daily food intake and exercises you do to get a summarised view at the end of the day. Furthermore, it also helps to track your progress which is then displayed under the ‘progress’ tab.

Interval Timer — intervals or breaks between workouts is important. What’s even more important is the duration of these intervals. A shorter interval might put a lot of pressure on your body while an interval, if too long, takes away the core purpose of workout that is endurance. A simple solution to this can be the Interval Timer app. There are no workout plans, diet plans, recipes, trainer etc but simply a timer to keep a track on your workouts. 

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