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Alisha Shinde
Friday, 9 March 2018

Social, a co-working space by day and a bar by night, is not only funky and cool, but also makes some interesting twists to classic recipes

Does your workplace turn into a bar at dusk? If you think we have gone nuts when we say this, visit Social and you will know how right we are. The brainchild of Riyaaz Amlani, Social at Phoenix MarketCity, Viman Nagar, is not a regular hangout place. It’s different!

Talking about the concept, Amlani says that it is time to move away from cafes which are only about coffees and teas, and food that is just heated and served. “This generation wants something more than just a cafe which is what Social is. In the morning, it is a co-working space and by the break of dusk it’s a bar,” says Amlani. He believes that creative people need to think out of the cubicle and Social is one of the ways a creative person can meet other creative minds.

Besides the ambience, the food and beverages are also interesting. The Classic Long Island Iced Tea is the perfect drink that you can enjoy after a hard day at work. Served in a tall beaker with a small pipe, this LIIT is sure to give you a refreshing kick. For the fancy and elegant lady in you, Cosmo Explosion is a doll of a drink. Pretty in pink, this version of Cosmopolitan is served with a childhood favourite — candy floss.

In the starters’ section, Chicken Sausage Fries — crispy chicken sausages tossed in tomato powder, topped with basil and served with mustard as well as barbecue sauce — gives a great start to your evening. The smoky taste of the sausages and the crispy coating takes this breakfast dish to a whole new level and gives a good competition to French Fries.  

At Social, they believe pav is the winner over the burger bun. Try the Anda Shammi Poa, which will remind you of Mumbai’s Mohammed Ali Road street food, and rediscover the goodness of the pav.  The kebab patty, which is rolled in an egg fry and cooked to perfection and made to fit in an all local pav served with mint chutney, is lip-smacking. If you love cheese dripping from your food, try the Double Grilled Naga Chilli Toast. Loaded with cheese and chilli, the very sight of the toast will make you drool. 

Seafood lovers, who would like to keep it light yet savoury, must try the Prawn Butter Garlic. The refreshing yellow coloured dish with a hint of garlic tossed in butter and served with veggies is one of the best things to munch on.

We all love pizza. But thin crust, hand-tossed or oven pizza are way too common. Boti Pizza, which is made in a tandoor at Social, is a comfort food that you simply can’t miss out on. The thin crust topped with delicious succulent and tender chicken pieces with lots of cheese, sprinkled with chilli flakes is heavenly right from its first bite. 

Sweet lovers must try Chocolate Blood Bath. Gooey brownie topped with ice cream and dark chocolate with hot chocolate poured from the top fills up the mini bathtub in which it is served — if only we could dive into it! The sweet and slightly bitter taste makes an amazing combination. If you like your chocolate hot, Chocolate Blood Bath is what you need to dig into. 

For those who are inclined towards a rather classic dessert, try Lucky’s Caramel Custard which is a fancy makeover of a sugar web studded with nuts. The custard sitting on top of the caramel sauce under the web of sugar is light and melts instantly in your mouth as you take a spoonful. The flavours are so good that the taste lingers on for quite sometime. And what do you take home? Happy memories.  

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Viman Nagar Social, 3rd floor, Phoenix MarketCity, Viman Nagar, and is open from 11 am to 12.30 am.

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