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Sunday, 10 February 2019

As the grand finale for Sakal Beauty of Maharashtra draws close, here are a few words of encouragement from the judges, presenters and grooming experts for all the shortlisted participants

Sakal and P N Gadgil and Sons Ltd presents Sakal Beauty of Maharashtra, a pageant that is a platform for all the women to live their dreams and make the most of this opportunity. The shortlisted participants have been chosen from auditions that were held across 8 cities in Maharashtra. The finalists will be groomed by industry experts to guide them through the entire process and to boost their confidence for the grand finale which will be held in the city on February 16. Ahead of the finale, the judges, presenters and grooming experts share their token of appreciation and extend their best wishes to all the participants. 

Amit Modak, CEO,  P N Gadgil & Sons ltd
It is because of such competitions that girls belonging to even the most interior parts of the state are getting an opportunity to showcase their skills. No matter who wins the pageant, what is important is that everyone who is participating in it is getting a platform to scale new heights. I extend my best wishes to all the participants for the grand finale. 

Leena Khandekar, Hairstyle and Make-up Partner (Lee’s Beauty And Spa) 
Sakal Beauty of Maharashtra is a very good platform for today’s women because it boosts their confidence levels. On our part, we will try our best to encourage positive thinking in them.

Pushkar Jog, Actor, Judge 
The final leg of the competition is almost here. We are really excited to know who will be crowned ‘Beauty of Maharashtra’. Every participant probably has a lot of butterflies in their stomach. So prepare yourselves well and face the finale with confidence. I will be judging the participants at the finale, so here is wishing all of you, all the very best. 

Dr Abhijeet Pharande, Smile Partner (Doctor, Pharande Dental Clinic) 
I am so excited to be associated with this competition. People have become extremely aware of oral hygiene now. And, through Sakal it has become all the more easy to reach out to more people and spread awareness of oral health. I extend my best wishes to all the participants for the grand finale. 

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