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Alisha Shinde
Thursday, 11 October 2018

Festival dressing also requires you to sport a comfortable hairdo and attractive make-up. Hairstylists and make-up artists share some ideas

Who does not like to dazzle during festivals? While some may find it easy to choose their makeup and hairstyle, a few need ideas to work with. Talking to make-up artists and hairstylists, we find out easy styles that one can sport this Navratri.

A touch of gold
Mumbai-based make-up artist and hairstylist Tanya Dhillon says that gold smoky eyes and natural looking soft make-up will be in vogue this festive season. “To achieve the look and sustain it through the night of dancing, it is important to use good quality waterproof make-up products,” says Dhillon while sharing tips on how to do the gold smoky eyes. 

“Once the make-up base is ready, start with the gold smoky eye look by simply dabbing a bit of a pigmented gold eyeshadow and then blending it well till the corner of the eyes. Once the eyeshadow is set, go for a classic winged eyeliner or a cat eyeliner, and add lashes if you are comfortable with it. The best way to glam up your look is to go for a bold matte lip colour, and don’t forget to put on your best smile — the best accessory,” she says. 
Bring back the glow 
Pune-based make-up artist and hairstylist Shruti Jain says that this Navratri don’t forget to glow. While a few are blessed with a natural glowing skin, some have dull skin. “Also, with October heat rising, it becomes all the important for us to allow the skin to breathe. So moisturise it well before applying make-up,” says Jain adding that a foundation and a translucent powder with a touch of highlighter on the cheeks, the tip of the nose, Cupid’s bow, the brow bone and chin should do the magic. 

“For a more chiselled look, add some blush on the apple of your cheeks and dab a setting powder onto the T-zone. It is best to use a setting spray so that the make-up does not fade away. Finish the look with your favourite shade of dark lipstick,” she says.

The neon pop
“What is life without a little pop of colour?,” asks Delhi-based make-up artist Tanisha Aggarwal. Since Navratri is all about wearing colourful clothes, why not incorporate the colours in make-up as well. “For the eyes, go for a shade of neon, which complements your outfit, but don’t forget to use a primer so that the neon eyeshadow sets in. To take your eye make-up up a notch higher, apply an eyeliner in a contrasting shade,” she says. 

For the perfect selfie, don’t forget to take the contour route. “Highlight the cheek bones and wear a lipstick shade which matches the eyeshadow, and finish the look with blush on the cheeks and setting powder,” she says. 

Do up the hair 
The chic bun
For girls with long hair, it is a tedious job to get the right hairstyle. Besides, you need a style that will make you feel comfortable while playing the dandiya on Navratri. 
Aggarwal says, “Women with long hair can go for an offbeat chic bun with braids, and the easiest way to achieve it is the French braid. Start from the nape of your neck upwards till you reach slightly above the ears. Secure the braid and twist the remaining section of the hair and make a bun.”

Beach head
Jain says that women with fine or straight hair can opt for beach waves. “But instead of just leaving your hair down, braid the top sections of your hair so that it stays away from the face. Using a curling iron/ rod curl, make tight curls and use a hairspray so that the curls stay in place all through the dandiya night,” she suggests. 

Half up-half down
“Break the monotony and opt for half hair updos this season,” says Dhillon adding that all it takes to look chic is a bit of loose curls here and there.

“Using a bun maker or a bun sock, you can rock a bun with a few loose hair strands,” she says. To achieve the look, all that one has to do is leave a few sections in the front and tie a ponytail with the remaining hair. To secure the hair, use a bun maker and bobby pins. “You can add a bit of bling by using clips with stones or flowers, and a curling iron to make a bunch of loose curls and separate them, and you are ready to rock the night,” she says.

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