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Anjali Jhangiani
Sunday, 29 July 2018

Nykaa, the popular beauty brand is launching three exciting projects, one of them for men.

On a rainy afternoon this Friday, Nykaa, a popular beauty retail brand launched its store at Westend Mall, Aundh. Falguni Nayar, founder and CEO of took this opportunity to speak about three exciting projects to be launched shortly by the brand — Nykaa Man, a separate website for beauty grooming for men, Nykaa design studio, another portal to introduce talented fashion designers across the country and make luxurious yet affordable fashion available to all, and Nykaa Pro, a website specially for professionals in the beauty business who can register and avail discounts and offers from top brands. We chat her up to find out more:

Men are catching up obviously has a lot of men visiting the website to shop for products, which is why the brand decided to launch a separate website for them. Talking about such traffic, Nayar says, “Male customers currently account for 20 per cent of the Nykaa database and 15 per cent of the social media following. These figures are fetched by a totalling of various calculations by other brands. The site appeals more to women. Men were feeling overwhelmed with all the imagery we have on the website to attract women, so we made another website for them to cater to their grooming needs.”

A separate website for men speaks highly about the way Indian men are leaving meaningless inhibitions behind to become metrosexual. Various categories for products available on the website include shaving essentials, beard care, hair care, skin care, and personal grooming appliances. “Shaving products have always been popular among male customers, but if you see younger men nowadays, they all have beards. It’s in trend. So many beard care brands have come up to provide products like beard oils, shampoo, balm and so on. They are also concerned about their skin. Many young women don’t like to see flaws on their skin and they use products like concealers and foundation to hide it. Now men are saying that if women are doing it, why shouldn’t we? They are also using products that only women would use in the past. Acne care is also another big category. Electric appliances comprises only about 15-20 per cent of the entire range of products on the website. Nowadays brands like L’oreal and a few are taking out hair care and skin care products specifically for men too,” she says. 

Branching out for a physical presence
When the website is doing so well, why are they focusing on setting up physical stores? Nayar says, “Yes, it’s true we grew very rapidly in terms of online presence and that happened because we are available throughout India. I think there was an unmet need for availability of beauty products in some places which was reached by the website. We understood that 15 per cent of our customer base want to be only online, 15 per cent want to be offline, and 70 per cent want to be online but also want to go into the store once in a while to learn more, to try personally or to just have a good experience and know how to compare products.”

She explains that the store is backed by the digital power of the website. “We have 80,000 products. There is no store I can put all the products in. I can only bring you the best from our website to the store. So we select the stock depending on popularity, new trends, favourites and so on, and the power of all the knowledge we collect from the website is brought to you at the store. The experience of walking into a Nykaa store is different, and much better, than the traditional experience of walking into any other retail outlet,” says Nayar.

Pune in pink
Most of the Nykaa stores are set up in metro cities. “But we are also rolling out stores in smaller cities — Pune, Amritsar, and over the next few months we will be going to Kanpur, Bhubaneshwar, and so on. Pune is one of the top 10 cities from a marketing perspective. We find the customer base in the city to be smart and willing to embrace new brands, try new trends,” says Nayar, who is actively involved in creating new products for the brand, like their new range of Matte to Last liquid lipsticks. 

The interesting thing about these lipsticks is that the colours are inspired by the spirit of women of a particular Indian city. “This is my favourite campaign. I have applied it on myself, worked with my daughter on it too. We have come up with 18 shades till now. Each shade is inspired by the spirit of women — where they come from and where they are going. There is a special pink shade inspired by Pune called Mastani,” she shares.

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