Gels well with monsoon

Maya Jindal
Monday, 26 June 2017

While Rihanna has brought back open-toed jelly shoes in her own fashion line, you can try the more affordable ones available in Pune that are ideal for a walk in the rain.

With a big demand for ‘jelly shoes’, footwear stores all over Pune have flooded the women’s section with all types of new monsoon styles. From ballet flats to sandals, they have it all. The question remains, are these shoes actually helpful during the monsoon?

Salesmen and shopkeepers repeatedly mention that jelly shoes are remarkable for all seasons, especially the monsoons. The special jelly material sticks to the foot and grips the ground so that you don’t slip when it’s wet. The sole on the inside of the shoe and tight grip from the design keeps the foot stable, and the bottom of the shoe is anti-skid.

Sold from sizes 4-9, these flexible (quite literally) shoes are available in many shoe stores across Pune.

Shop sellers emphasise on how popular these shoes are. And you do see customers swarming the jelly shoe section of shops, as women are constantly on the lookout for a good shoe option during the monsoons.

One customer mentioned just how much these shoes helped her. She said, “If I could change all my shoes into jelly shoes, I most definitely would. They’re quite comfortable and make it easy to walk around in.”

Well, speaking of styles, there are many. The ballet flat has drainage holes located all around the shoe, so that lets the water and muck out easily. The side of the shoe also sticks firmly to the foot.

The sandal type has thick straps around the side of the foot, and a stable sole to refrain the foot from moving even when wet. The flip flop style looks a bit flimsy, and could be because of the nature of a flip flop (a thin strap to keep the foot together), but is made of the same jelly material and therefore the bottom is still sturdy. The open-toed style is perfect as a ‘chill’ shoe, and seems to last for a long time.

Sensational pop star Rihanna has also brought back open-toed jelly shoes in her own fashion line, collaborating with a global shoe brand. The open-toed style brings to question —  what purpose do they serve? The answer, all kinds. You could wear them at home, go for grocery shopping and even out to the pool. They’re meant to be fashionable and comfortable. While they are simply bringing back a popular ’90s fashion, Rihanna’s shoes are bound to be selling quick.

Pune’s brought it straight to you and for just Rs 200, these shoes are definitely worth a try during the monsoons, especially when you want to save your other nice pairs.

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