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Amrita Prasad
Monday, 13 August 2018

If paucity of time stops you from playing your favourite sport outdoors, StarPick — a fantasy sports app, will give you an adrenaline within the comforts of your home

About a decade ago, you could show your love for your favourite sport by either cheering from the stands of the stadium or screaming in front of the television in your living room. Once in a while you could have squeezed out time from your busy schedule to play on the pitch with friends and cousins. 

Fantasy sport has taken your love for sports a notch higher. Today, you do not have to be a passive spectator, instead you can be an active player by playing the sport virtually.  

Founded by Trigan Mukherjee, Rohit Nair and Ulf Ekberg, StarPick — a fantasy sports app which kicked off during IPL 2018 season, lets you play football, tennis, kabaddi, hockey, basketball and so on. It is also planning to launch other games including Formula 1. 

With a user base of around 8 lakh merely in a span of three months (since its inception), StarPick is backed by the leadership of globally celebrated experts and analysts and offers technological excellence and expertise of the Scout Gaming Group, a licensed and regulated B2B fantasy sports provider. 

StarPick is not just a craze among experienced fantasy sports players, but is equally loved by beginners. With an interesting and engaging design and interface, the app is one of those few platforms that give you the option to play a full season as matches on a daily basis. You can create custom leagues and invite friends to play with you and can view, enjoy and be a part of hundreds of tournaments each week. 

For Indians who treat cricketers as gods and cricket like religion, the app brings a special treat — it features all major cricket leagues. One of the most exciting things about the app is that it gives you rewards not just in the form of scores but also in cash — you can build your own team and win cash prizes, consumer durables, electronic gadgets, autographed merchandise etc if your team excels during the matches played.  

StarPick is a lightweight app and doesn’t get slow while playing. If you wish to switch from free user to paid, you can easily do that. And while you rock as a player/ team, you can share the status of your performance on Twitter and Facebook and interact with other fantasy sport players.

- Download the app. The mobile apps are available on iOS (via App Store) and Android (as a side loaded app) — the links to which are available on the website (www.starpick.in
- Create a free account using your email and phone number.
- Visit tournaments to browse the list of matches available to play. You can filter by sport and series.
- Select to play a free game or game with paid buy-ins, within StarPick created Game Centre. To buy-in, you can deposit money to StarPick wallet using any of the multiple fund transfer options.
- With your knowledge of the sport and the players, you can create your team within a few minutes. Else you can also opt for auto-complete and the platform will create a team for you.
- Each player has a price tag, which keeps changing based on his/ her recent performances. You get a set purse size to create a team. You can pick your favourite players to form the team as long as the total of player prices remain within your purse size.
- You can also create your own leagues and tournaments and invite your friends and colleagues to play — by choosing to play privately with your group or even allowing anyone to join your tournaments.
- Once a match is concluded, your team will receive total points based on various players’ performance. Based on your team’s points, if you are among the top in the standings — you will win cash prizes and more.
- For any questions — our support team is available on chat (website only, for now).

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