Fresh from the dairy

Alisha Shinde
Sunday, 6 January 2019

Mehal Kejriwal talks about her brand Happy Milk which aims at supplying the best quality of milk and milk products from the farm to the table

Born out of a desire to provide people with fresh, lip-smacking and wholesome milk and milk products, 22-year-old Mehal Kejriwal started  an organic brand Happy Milk. Located in Tumkur, Happy Milk cow farm uses Israeli knowhow and state-of-the-art German technology for its products. With minimal or no human interference in the manufacturing process, the startup takes a lot of effort to deliver quality milk and milk products from the farm to the table.

Talking about the concept, Kejriwal says that it is all about taking people back to their roots, when dairy products were enjoyed with great pleasure and kids were told about the importance of milk. “By producing and supplying organic and farm fresh milk, Happy Milk is also here to address the issue of adulteration of dairy products. Dairy is an important part of every Indian’s diet — both rural and urban. And since it is consumed on a daily basis, it is extremely daunting to know that adulteration has reached such levels that it is even causing death at times,” she says, adding that with almost no alternatives available in the market, they decided to take this up and provide the best quality of milk and milk and products to consumers. “We want to provide good food for the body,” she adds.
Explaining the reason behind calling the startup Happy Milk, Kejriwal says, “Happy cows produce happy milk and in turn make humans happy.”
But a lot goes into following the brand’s philosophy. Right from getting Israelis on board who take care of the cows’ complete food and health, to Germans setting up high-end technology and knowhow for zero adulteration — the startup ensures highest quality at every step.
We are aware that milk is a natural product and has very limited shelf life. “I’m sure most industry experts will agree that milk is best when it is chilled to 4 degrees Celsius within 20 minutes of milking which is not possible for most dairies as they source milk externally,” says Kejriwal adding that at Happy Milk, every drop of milk, every spoon of curd, every gram of paneer or ghee comes straight from their farm and the best part is that the processing and packaging also happens at the farm. So products are super fresh and of the best quality.

So far, Happy Milk has had a happy journey. “The journey has been absolutely overwhelming. We had expected a good response but this has happened at a great speed! This just goes on to show how people are trying to find an alternative to adulterated milk,” she says.  

However, she believes that the real achievements are when parents tell them that their kids wait to have their milk before going to school, or they just dig into the curd pots when the curd arrives. “There is no greater feeling to know that kids are loving milk again,” says Kejriwal while flashing a smile.
Talking about the products that are available, Kejriwal points out that currently Happy Milk has six products in 22 varieties including homogeneous and pasteurised milk, ghee, curd and paneer (cottage cheese). 

“The organic, creamy Happy Milk curd is stored in clay pots that bring in the rustic touch and is the traditional Indian way of storing curd and the brand is soon launching curd variants — Classic, Low Fat Slim Milk Curd,” she says, adding that the products are available on Amazon and Big Basket Daily. Their range of milk starts at Rs 80 per litre. 

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