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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Take a look at ‘Wonderfold 2017’ exhibition by Origami Mitra starting from Thursday

The Origami Mitra’s Pune chapter is back with its exhibition, starting from tomorrow (Thursday). The three-day exhibition titled ‘Wonderfold 2017’ at Tilak Smarak Mandir will have about 300 artefacts crafted by about 25 participants, the youngest among them being a 12-year-old and the oldest, an 80-year-old woman.

Sharing details about the exhibition, Hrushikesh Sabnis of Origami Mitra says, “The exhibits include geometric figures, 3D origami, human figures, insects, animals, sea life made by 25 participants. There are about 300 such exhibits.”

During the exhibition, the organisers get many requests from people who want to learn the Japanese art of paper folding. “So we hold basic origami workshops for those who evince interest in learning about the art form after the conclusion of the exhibition. You can register at the venue itself,” adds Sabnis, who is practising the art form for about two decades now.  

There will also be a stall full of puzzles, which can help kids and adults learn Maths concepts through origami. Manjushri Dhume, who will be putting up the stall, says, “One of the biggest challenges for teachers of mathematics is to help students ‘see’ the maths in their daily lives and apply their learning. Origami offers a very easy, quick and fun way to do that. For example, I teach how to make a paper protractor through origami and how to make the kids measure the angles using the protractor. They can try it out.” 

Dhume, who runs a company called ‘Learn Quest’, teaches Maths through games and fun. Origami is her hobby. “I have blended these two. I provide supportive teaching aids in making Maths easy. Origami is one part of it,” she adds.

Besides this, there will also be a stall displaying the folds of Vishwas Deval, who was one of the founding members of Origami Mitra. “Deval Sir passed away recently. This exhibition is dedicated to him. We will also be displaying the models made by him in a special section,” informs Sabnis. 

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