Amrita Prasad
Monday, 21 May 2018

With the airport look becoming a hot trend, and celebs striving to look their best when they are travelling, you can take some inspiration from them and nail your look as a jetsetter

Believe it or not, airport look is the ‘in’ thing today, courtesy Bollywood, fashion and cricket stars. Kareena Kapoor Khan in her yoga pants and a long checkered shirt with a top knot and black round sunglasses, Karan Johar in his usual quirky self in stylish bomber jacket, the leggy lass Deepika Padukone in a pair of comfy boyfriend jeans and an oversized t-shirt, Malaika Arora looking sexy in her sweatpants and jacket and Anushka Sharma grabbing eyeballs in her distressed denims, crop top and a cool cap — our Bollywood stars certainly know how to look fashionable when there are heading to the airport. 

According to fashion experts, there is a whole network of people, who ensure that the celebrities they are styling, put their most fashionable foot forward when they are flying or landing at an airport. But who says you can’t have fun when it comes to fashion, especially creating the ‘airport look’? If you are a jetsetter but wants to ensure that you look modish while you take off and land, these experts make your job easy.

A lot of people are confused about what an ideal airport look should be like. Sonika Shah, Delhi-based stylist, gives us a lowdown on this trend and says that everything that is non-fussy makes for your ideal airport look. “You don’t need to always blindly follow the celebs. But there’s no harm in borrowing a few tips from them. If you are in a good shape, wearing yoga or sweatpants is the comfiest attire to travel in. Also, make sure to either layer your t-shirt with a shirt or a shrug, or simply throw on a nice sweatshirt because it’s chilly inside a flight. Don’t compromise comfort for style, hence your footwear, no matter how stylish you want them to be, must make you feel easy — a pair of sneakers, campus shoes, loafers or even chappals are a great option. After all, you wouldn’t want your feet to hurt while standing in a queue for check in at the airport,” advised Shah.

For men, she feels that in summers a pair of cool shorts and a cotton t-shirt is a great combination. “However, it is always wise and stylish to carry a jacket. Pay attention to the colour combination. Don’t wear black and black or blue with blue. Combine light and dark shades to create a sophisticated look and go for a cool pair of slip-ons,” she advises.

The fabric that you wear while you travel is important so that you don’t feel uneasy. Says Shah, “I think the lighter the fabric, the easier it is to move around with your luggage. Avoid material like satin, georgette or something that has embellishments. Cotton, linen, viscose and even khadi are the best fabrics to wear while you are travelling — they are light, breathable and comfortable. However, denims are also a great choice — they are versatile and modish.”

While perfect clothes and footwear are a must, a perfect bag and snazzy shades work wonders for your look and instantly increase the style quotient. Saya Deesha Dasgupta, Bengaluru-based stylist and blogger, suggests, “Go for colourful bags, and mirror-shinned glasses. While women can opt for oversized handbags, messenger bags or even backpack look good on men,” she adds.

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