A flurry of ideas for your nest

Sakal Times
Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Saddam Zaroo, managing director, Khazir Sons, gives us a peek into  home decor trends to look forward to this year

If you are looking for some fun and vibrant ideas to do up your home and give it a fresh look this year, here’s what may interest you. 

To begin with, wallpapers have more bold and lively prints and textures now. So geometrical designs and patterns, and dominant stripes have made a comeback, but they’re a lot more contemporary and some even provide a 3D effect. 

If you’ve ever wondered how to use macramé in the most trendy and innovate way, now is the time to experiment. Great as table runners and also as cushion and sofa covers, a ravishing macramé dream catcher with colourful feathers hanging from each end can be an interesting piece of bedroom decor. Also, Macramé lampshades are sure to light up any room and take you  back to the ’70s.

Furniture styles come and go, but tufting has always been around. When it comes to interior design, it’s all in the details, which is why you should consider adding tufted upholstery to your look. Be it a blind tufted sofa or a button tufted ottoman, this is a detail that will lift any space from average to opulent. Add a touch of history to your home with this upholstery detail that’s remained popular through centuries. Tufting can be utilised to create comfy yet vibrant cushion and sofa covers. Tufting the bed and chairs can enhance the décor of your home. It can also be utilised on carpets.

Doing up home interiors with gold was a big hit in the early and late ’70s. Now, gold is back in fashion. Different tones and textures add a glamorous and royal touch to your home. They also appeal to solid metal interiors and brighten up empty spaces and make it look rich.

Terrazzo, another historic floor and wall treatment, is back in trend. Terrazzo is cement flooring with a mix of debris. A white or beige wall with spots and blotches, add an ethnic vibe to your home.

Bohemian is back! The style is everlasting and has always created an impact on the design world. A splash of colours, along with dusky shaded rugs, offers a fresh, comforting look to one’s living room. A lot of crewel cushions, Turkish hand-woven carpets, vintage textiles, woven chairs also add contrast to the look. All the colours and patterns make the room pop. Colors like red, green and yellow, along with vintage wallpaper and wooden frames and furniture, will give your home a new look. 

(Khazir Sons is a luxury brand entrenched in authentic Kashmiri handicraft.)

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