Flowers and festive fervour

Amrita Prasad
Saturday, 7 October 2017

This Diwali, deck up your house with fresh flowers and petals along with candles, says florists

Diwali being just a week away, the preparations are in full swing. The festival is all about decorating the house — with lights, lanterns and torans. But nothing beats the beauty of an assortment of flowers inside or outside the house. Arranging flowers of different sizes, colours and fragrances in vessels filled with water is a great way to spruce up your interiors and add colour and beauty to your Diwali decoration.

Traditionally made of brass and popularly called uruli in South, the vessels, when decorated with scented and floating candles and flowers, can adorn your centre tables, corners, entrances, teapoys or pooja rooms.

Florist Shabana Suhail suggests that one need not stick to only brass vessels and can instead opt for big circular wide-based glass utensils, or choose carved wooden vessels. “Although a medium-sized brass uruli looks royal and goes with the mood of the festivity, you can use glass, wooden, steel, clay, ceramic vessels in any size, depending on the space you have at home and the place you want to adorn. This is one of most pocket-friendly ways to add beauty to your Diwali décor,” says Suhail.

Flowers are an indispensable part of festivals and auspicious occasions for us. Talking about the types of flowers to choose while decking up the vessel, Suhail suggests that one must go for different colours and sizes. “Flowers are naturally beautiful, attractive and do not require any add-ons. That makes the decoration easier. While selecting, pick up the most colourful and bright ones as when decorated with candles, they will become even more alluring. However, never forget leaves and petals, as they help create better contrasts,” advises Suhail who adds that uruli increases the aesthetic appeal of your house and also brings positivity, peace and happiness into your home.

She advises to go for flowers like roses (of all colours), sunflower, orchids, marigold, hibiscus, jasmine, lilies, pink vinca flowers, petunia, carnations and so on. 

City-based landscape designer and flower lover Jaya Gupta suggests that fresh flowers set the mood for all festivity and Diwali calls for a generous use of these beautiful blooms.

“Floating flowers in a vessel is nothing but floral rangoli on water. While lotus and roses are the main attractions, you can create a floral arrangement using other flowers too. Also, while choosing the candles, you can go for different sizes with a mild fragrance in them,” advises Gupta.

She further adds that if you have flowering plants in your house, they can be repurposed by decorating them in water pots. You can use both fresh flowers as well as petals of broken blooms. This is a way to recycle your flowers and give your home a new look.

Talking about the placement of flowers, Gupta suggests that for tables, one could go for medium-sized pots while corners can be adorned with smaller ones. “You can use them as centrepieces at the entrance or simply place them near your rangoli,” she adds.

Giving us some ideas about flower arrangements Gupta says:
- You can use uruli as a centrepiece around which you can draw your rangoli. The floating flowers and diyas in it will enhance the look of your rangoli.
- If you do not have much time on hand, you can simply scatter rose petals over the water and add a few diyas and your house will illuminate with beauty and smell great.
- If you have a lot of empty space in your living area and three-four flower vessels, you could get a little more creative and adorn the vessels on the outside with long flower garland in a winding manner.
- If you love colours, you can play with hibiscus, petunia, pinwheel jasmine, adonis and carnation using jasmine in the centre and other flowers around it followed by a few candles.

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