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Saturday, 13 October 2018

The BMW G 310 GS, which is roughly Rs 50,000 more than the G 310 R, is not the fastest as far as 300cc single is concerned, but is exciting for certain

A scaled-down version of BMW R 1200 GS, the 
G 310 GS flaunts a tall front with a beak-like fender and a small windscreen above the head lamp. The design, revealing an amount of intricate craftsmanship and finer details upon closer inspection, tapers as it flows to the rear. The rear is thus narrower than the front, and includes a well-shaped metal luggage rack. If the rack contributes to the adventurer tourer stance of the G 310 GS, there are a number of accessories that could be had for practical purposes, and which, beyond their utility value, are instrumental in enhancing the look of the bike as a purpose-built machine. The accessories typically include top cases and tank bags.

Sharing a good deal of components with the G 310 R, a naked roadster, the G 310 GS is structured around a trellis frame. The 34PS 313cc single-cylinder four valve engine sits snugly into the frame, and is identical to the G 310 R. Producing 28Nm peak torque at 7,500rpm, the engine has the exhaust port at the rear and the inlet port at the front (near to the front wheels) to ensure equitable weight distribution. A plastic belly pan protects the engine. The radiator also has a plastic armour.
Easy to read panel

The digital instrument panel behind the small fairing provides information about various parameters including speed, gear, rpm, fuel, fuel range, etc, and is easy to read. It has a button to derive more information and navigate deeper. The soft to touch switchgear on the wide handlebar provides a premium feel, and reflects European build quality and attention to fit and finish. Fitted with taller fork at front and a longer (40mm) travel monoshock at the rear, the G 310 GS flaunts high ground clearance.
Lower seat option available
The front wheel (of 19-inch dia) and the rear wheel (of 17-inch dia) are fitted with Metzeler Tourance dual-purpose tyres. The 835 seat height is 50mm higher than the G 310 R. A lower seat option is also available. The lower positioning of the footpegs in comparison to the G 310 R, the G 310 GS makes for an upright riding position. The fairing does not offer much wind protection, but the bike exhibits good stability off-road. The 1420mm wheelbase, which is longer than the G 310 R, courtesy the front wheel mount and the slight repositioning of the front wheel axle, helps. It comes at the cost of some agility, but is useful in wading through shallow river crossings and on loose soil terrain. 

Not a hardcore off-roading vehicle          
Offering the option of switching off ABS assist at the touch of a switch, the bike is not a hardcore off-roading machine and could have its rear wheel slide in the absence of ABS when off-roading. On the road, the G 310 GS presents the ability to ride over surface irregularities with confidence. All it takes is to stand on the footpegs and ride while negotiating patches with potholes and ruts. The suspension is a bit towards soft, and not as sharp in its response as that of the G 310 R. Weighing 170kg, the bike feels more agile than the G 310 R. Power delivery is not edgy as the KTM 390, and is instead smooth and linear. The six-speed gearbox ensures precise shifts and is well-aligned with engine characteristics to ensure a good spread of torque. Quite tractable, the engine displays a good ability to pull even in higher gears; this helps in city riding. Out on an open road, the bike can easily achieve three-digit speeds. 
If there is some engine clatter at lower revs, the exhaust note of the G 310 GS is surprisingly throaty. Feeling quick at times, the bike feels at home even when riding at speeds above 120kmph. At Rs 3.5 lakh ex-showroom, which is roughly Rs 50,000 more than the G 310 R, the G 3010 GS is not the fastest as far as 300cc single is concerned, but it is exciting for certain. It can be ridden all day long at good speeds and the bike impresses with its build quality, and fit and finish standards. 

Pros: Presence, performance, comfort
Cons: Price


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