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Sunday, 9 September 2018

Bombay Shirt Company opens its first store in Pune at Koregaon Park

Launched six years ago, Bombay Shirt Company (BSC) is a pioneer in online custom fashion for men in India. On a mission to reinforce that world-class quality and product can originate in Bombay, the company marries contemporary product design and technology with old school tailoring techniques to bring customers a seamless shirt-buying experience to produce a high quality yet affordable product.
With a global presence in cities such as New York and Dubai, and multiple stores across the country, Bombay Shirt Company, sets foot in Pune with its newest property at Koregaon Park.
The store is chic and smart, with stylish, wooden interiors that reflect the brand’s contemporary sensibility and its signature of a minimal and clean aesthetic. BSC focusses on convenience by aiming to be a one stop shop where a customer gets all the elements required to make a shirt, right from the fabric, to the accessories, a stylist and a tailor, all under one roof. A visit to the store is an experience in itself and involves spending quality time, designing and customising a shirt in detail, by and for themselves.

From core, classic fabrics to limited edition pieces, there’s a little bit of everything. An expert will be on hand to measure each customer for the perfect fit, while stylists trained in fabric and styling will guide the customer through design options, ensuring an exceptional experience.

A shirt is priced at the cost of the fabric chosen, there are no making charges except if the fabric exceeds certain inches or if there are additional accessories of a specific type put on the shirt. The turnaround time for the delivery is 14 days from the date of designing except for the first time, a trial shirt is given within 7 days and alterations if any are made. They also provide services of a traveling stylist and a tailor for home visits, in case the customer is unable to go to the store. 

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