A film that will connect with the youth

ST Correspondent
Wednesday, 11 July 2018

The star cast of Dry Day who visited Sakal Times office recently spoke about the project and their roles

Pandurang Jadhav’s Dry Day highlights an important issue involving teenagers. The movie talks about the emotional quotient of today’s generation. Releasing on July 13, the film stars Rutwik Kendra, Monalisa Bagal, Kailash Waghmare, Parth Ghadage, Ayli Ghiya, Chinmay Kambali, Yogesh Madhav Sohoni, Arun Nalawade and Jayram Nayar. The story and dialogues are written by Nitin Dixit and the film is produced by Sanjay Patil. 

Another highlight of the movie is the music track Daru Ding Dang, sung by Bollywood singer, Vishal Dadlani. It has been composed by Ashwin Srinivasan.  To promote the film, its cast and crew visited Sakal office recently. Jadhav, who has directed and also scripted the movie, said that today’s generation do not like to be lectured and told what to do. “They like to do things as per their will and they expect their teachers to talk in the language they understand. Keeping these issues in mind, I have made Dry Day.” 

The film is about four friends who get drunk in a party. “Even though the title of film is Dry Day, the audience will get to see some funny moments these friends encounter in the party. Just like its unique title, the songs are also unique. It offers a complete package of entertainment,” adds the director.  

Rutwik, who plays one of the leads, said, “It’s very different from my other roles. So far I played characters who are disciplined but in Dry Day, I am playing someone who is completely opposite, which will surprise my audience. We did a 15 day workshop before the shoot began. During the workshop, I gelled with other actors and we are very good friends now. The movie has been shot in Sangli and I therefore had to learn the accent with which Marathi is spoken there".

Kailash said that his character in Dry Day will give him a completely different identity. “I was happy to accept this unconventional role.” To this, leading lady of the project, Monalisa added, “For playing my character, I had to work on being non-glamourous and I also had to get a rural accent. I enjoyed shooting for the film. The best moments were the ones when we shot in Kullu and Manali.” 

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