Alisha Shinde
Monday, 28 January 2019

We speak to design students, who recently took part in Times and Trends Academy’s fashion show Arth, where they showcased their design aesthetics with a deeper meaning

Fashion has the power to bring out not only confidence in an individual but can also lead to bigger change. In recent times, we have seen how fashion is being used to promote a cause and raise funds. Many fashion designers have also embarked on the path of sustainable fashion and so on. Recently, Times and Trends Academy Pune, held a fashion show called Arth in the city. Students of the academy came forward to celebrate fashion. A mystical journey from the vintage fashion land London to mysterious Aghoris, the versatile fashion show brought a lot of interesting concepts to life.

Talking to the first year students, we find out more about the designs and the thoughts behind their inspirations and themes: 

With a theme that many designers have used in the past, I decided to go with Tree of Life. The earthy shades that were used in the collection appealed to me the most and, most importantly, saving the ‘tree of life’ has become the need of the hour, so what better way of saying it than fashion? So my collection was not only appealing to the eyes but also gave out a strong message. For me, as a designer, it isn’t only about this show but sustainability and green fashion is something I am going to use even in my further collections. It is my way of giving back to society.

My theme depicted London and showed the power of dressing in vintage and formal clothes. Through my collection, I wanted to show that women, in particular, when dressed in formals, are no less than their male colleagues and are ready to face any kind of challenge just like their male counterparts. I have always believed in making a statement with the clothes that I wear because that way we stand out from the crowd. I also believe that bringing runway fashion into daily fashion is easy, provided one is comfortable with the clothes that they wear. The key is to always stand tall and feel confident.

I feel amongst all industries, the fashion industry has been the most accepting. My collection was an ode to the  LGBTQ+ community. Using a lot of sheer and shimmer fabric in pride colours, I wanted to make people realise that it is okay for one to live life a certain way. The ‘sheer’ symbolised that one shouldn’t be afraid to show who they truly are and the ‘shimmer’ stood for celebrating oneself the way they are. The problem in our society is of ‘acceptance’, people are ashamed to accept other human beings but if an industry accepts a particular community, others will eventually follow. A positive change that we have seen in fashion is that it is becoming more and more fluid with modern silhouettes.

I decided to choose the traditional attire of the royals of Cambodia. Traditional clothes, be it Indian or belonging to other countries and regions, are often the identity of people because of which it is important to uphold these traditions. While designing the clothes for the show I had a few things in mind like I incorporated 75 per cent of ivory and the remaining, I filled with red which signifies fire, blue which signifies the sky and green which stands for nature. Even though our traditions and cultures are different, we all are connected by nature. 

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