A family who safaris together, stays together!

Nicole Mody
Tuesday, 26 March 2019

A visit to national parks  can be both enjoyable and enriching for grown-ups and kids. For this summer, try a safari trip and come back with great memories

Every once in a while, families need a holiday! We need to get out of our daily routines, of going to work and school. Holidays are the perfect glue that keeps families bound together in love, understanding and companionship. Everyone gets to unwind, break the rules a little and enjoy each other’s company. 

When going for a holiday, a safari experience can be great for the entire family because it isn’t just another vacation, it’s an encyclopedia into nature.

A walk into the wild brings you closer to nature. It helps you unplug from the rush of modern day city life and creates new experiences for each of you as you enjoy the luxury and warmth of the wilderness together. 
So if we say, ‘A family who safaris together, stays together!’ we know what we’re talking about! It’s not just the trip but a bundle of things that shall stay with you for life. 

An exclusive time-out for the family
Safari — it’s a migration to the world of animals, raw landscapes and natural habitats. You get to cut out the busy meetings, hectic schedules, constant WhatsApp messages etc and focus on yourself and your family. 

Riding in Jeeps, walking through the jungle, drinking water from waterfalls, sighting animals and birds and sleeping under the stars with your loved ones — it is the ultimate family trip to experience. It’s comparable to any team building exercise in the world.   

A ‘natural’ classroom for kids 
For growing kids, a holiday isn’t just about time to spend with family but about a whole new world of adventure. Active safari tours and wildlife trips act like natural classrooms for kids. They learn about different cultures, lifestyles, wildlife, nature, exotic food, history etc through their own experiences. Being in the wild brings your children closer to what is taught in their books. Unlike the pictures and videos, here is a straight glimpse live for them to watch, believe and treasure. Watch your children grow into warm, compassionate adults as nature teaches them lessons over time.
Exploring planet Earth
Nothing feels as surreal and awe inspiring as watching the beauty of the planet unfold before your eyes. Trips to heritage sites, to wildlife sanctuaries and parks, even to private reserves will show you beauty of the unexplored world. There are special adventures waiting to unfold in so many ways: horse-riding, mountain trekking, hiking, nature walks — all helping you see animals and the birds in their most natural form. 
Being in the wild is a luxury that cannot be defined enough in words, and is a learning experience for adults and children alike. It will bring your family closer together as you each learn to appreciate your place in, to quote the Lion King, the ‘circle of life’.

(The writer is business head, Forsyth Lodge) 

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