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Debarati Palit Singh
Thursday, 28 September 2017

On their visit to Sakal Times, the director, producer and cast of RaktDhar said that the film highlights the problems faced by transgenders

After a long time, veteran actors Shakti Kapoor and Mukesh Rishi will be seen in power-packed role in Ajit Verma’s directorial debut RaktDhar. The actors during their visit to Sakal Times office last week said that they are happy playing characters which are different.

Ajit said that the story is inspired by an incident he had heard about, years ago. “When I had come to Mumbai, I was shaken by a rape incident of a transgender. I had decided that I will make a film on the subject. The character that Shakti sir is playing is a transgender called Rani, who goes on to become the chief minister. We do not talk about the problems that transgenders face. We don’t see transgenders in any government jobs or private companies. We only see them begging at the signals or we invite them to bless our new borns,” said Ajit, adding that people just make fun of transgenders.

The director said that the film is not just about the life of a transgender but it also revolves around a father-son relationship. “My intention was to present each actor in a different light, something we haven’t seen them doing before. Mukesh Rishi plays the role of a father who is trying to protect his son,” said the director.  

RaktDhar, produced by Dhananjay Dhawan Patil and Rajan Gupta, also stars Jimmy Sharma, Sanchita Banerjee, Shahbaz Khan, Deepshikha Nagpal and others.

Talking about his inhibitions when he was offered this role, Shakti said, “After Ajit narrated the story and told about me about the incident that inspired the film, I was convinced that we should do it. If this story is enacted on screen and the life of the transgender community improves, it will be a big deal. We have tried to show their ambitions and how this person (Rani) gets into politics and gains knowledge about it.”

The actor questioned the restrictions on the transgender community and asked why they cannot enter politics or join the army. He shared that he has used his experiences over the years to play the character. “I have met a lot of transgenders in my life and the director also helped in portraying the character. We haven’t tried to be loud or made them sound conventional,” said the actor.

Mukesh, who has been working down South for several years, claimed to have a tough time getting good roles in Bollywood. “I am in a situation where I want to play different roles but not getting them in Bollywood. I work in other languages because I am offered good work there. I decided to do this film because the character is strong,” said the actor who is known for his role in Sarfarosh.

Mukesh wondered why villains in Bollywood are portrayed in a stereotypical manner. “There’s no variety. You can make them look different if the makers want it. As for this film, I realised that I had a scope to portray something different here and so I took the opportunity,” added Mukesh.

The film’s younger stars Jimmy and Sanchita couldn’t stop gushing about their experience of being part of the film. The duo, who play on-screen lovers, said, “We had a great time working with everyone in the film.”

The film is releasing on October 6.

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