For the elegant bride

Ritu Kochar
Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Designer Kritika Dixit, who was at Tanishq Rivaah Bridal Shower held in the city on Sunday, says that pastel colours are perfect for bridal wear this season

To plan your own wedding is a Herculean task. You barely finish off with one set of things and soon somebody tells you how the family is in the midst of an argument about the catering. With a hundred things running through your head, do you really have the time to choose your perfect wedding dress? Naah!

The pressure of the perfect dress for the bride is universally recognised and hence, it is better to leave it to the experts who will make sure that no stone is unturned to make this part of your wedding perfect. Advising on these matters is couture expert Kritika Dixit, who was present at Tanishq Rivaah Bridal Shower at Tanishq store, Bund Garden, in the city on Sunday, where mothers and brides-to-be enjoyed the opportunity to don the Rivaah range of handcrafted wedding jewellery, pose for photographs, and seek the counsel of the experts present there.

Speaking about the latest trends this wedding season, Dixit believes that it is all about pastel colours.”What I suggest is bright colours with bloom pinks and subtle florals. There is subtlety in the looks but the gold and the embroidery will cover up for the bridal look and the stones on the dress will highlight the zardozi and the delicate lilacs. The cuts this season are symmetric, which are going to be flowy, floor-touching gowns and lehengas.”

However, this also comes with the difficult choice that brides have to make: to go for other colours rather than just red. “Indians will usually prefer the traditional colours that symbolise weddings for us which are red, orange and green. But this season, it is completely different and we are trying to introduce more pastel shades. We are telling bridal customers that these are the colours that will look gorgeous this season,” Dixit shares.

In search of that royal look, brides sometimes end up going overboard. Speaking on these lines, Dixit says, “Bridal look  should be minimal and elegant.  Brides cannot go overboard when it comes to heavy jewellery to create that royal look. They should rather see for themselves beforehand that the jewellery and dress complement each other. Hence, it will only be favourable for the bride to hire a designer and do a lot of sampling, and they would also help in putting the whole dress together and suggest what kind of makeup would look good with what kind of outfit.

For things like the placement of the chunni, everyone knows it should be taken on the head but the proper placement is very important. Similarly, when the outfit is too heavy, you cannot go for heavy or even bright bangles.”

When asked what makes a perfect bride, Dixit says, “Each dress gives a different personality and when the perfect dress is paired with the right kind of makeup and jewellery, it gives a royal look and the perfect bride.”

However, the pressure on the designer is no less. They have to do various sessions of trials and have to make sure the attire is up to the bride and her family’s expectations.

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