Eat like a Nawab

Sakal Times
Thursday, 2 August 2018

The Great Kabab Factory is celebrating 20 years. To enjoy the kabas and have a unique dining experience, make a trip to the restaurant.

If you haven’t stepped into The Great Kabab Factory (TGKF) — Radisson Blu Hotel, Kharadi, Nagar Road, Pune, it’s time you did because TGKF, across its outlets in India and abroad, is celebrating 20 years of its existence. 

This contemporary and stylish Indian speciality restaurant offers a unique dining experience to its guests by bringing to the table an array of delectable kababs along with a choice of biryanis, curries, dal, exotic Indian breads, delightful desserts and much more.

TGKF has over 22 outlets in India and overseas making it one of the largest chains in the Indian casual dining category. The first outlet opened in 1998 at Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi Hotel, Mahipalpur, on the outskirts of the capital. Soon, it became one of the most popular restaurants. Typically, Indian restaurants at the time were fine dining places that served three or four kababs ‘a la carte’ or at the buffet. TGKF revolutionised the restaurant industry with their refreshing new approach and unique service concept of the roaming buffet. 

“Twenty years back, we opened our first outlet. In pursuit of being different than the rest in this business, we began setting up a non-traditional Indian restaurant around a unique décor, service and menu boasting of inimitable mouthwatering kababs rich in both modern and ethnic flavours. This is how The Great Kabab Factory was born. In spite of growing organically, TGKF has scaled impressive heights and today finds its presence with over 22 outlets as one of the largest Indian restaurant chains in casual dining,” says Ashna Kapur, vice-president, Brand Development, Umak Hospitality Pvt Ltd (UHPL). UHPL develops, franchises and markets several reputable and successful restaurant brands including TGKF.

At TGKF, guests are treated to a different menu each day and are served unlimited servings of each dish, either vegetarian or non-vegetarian. The culinary journey begins with fresh salad topped with dressing, followed by six varieties of kababs accompanied with butter milk. Besides their signature kababs such as Galauti and Burrah, other kababs on the menu change every day. Vegetarians can savour Tandoori Broccoli and Subz Galouti.

In the main course, guests can relish dal, biryani, the best of seasonal vegetables, vegetarian or non-vegetarian curries and exotic Indian breads. An assortment of sumptuous and delightful desserts completes the royal fare. All this is served unlimited and at a fixed priced.

TGKF owns a recipe bank of over 450 kababs that includes many closely guarded family recipes passed down through the ages. The chefs have mastered this through extended travel to remote areas and have created TGKF’s signature kababs after a decade of extensive research and development. 

To ensure consistency and the same great taste everywhere, all retail locations worldwide use the TGKF proprietary ‘Spice Packs’. These spice packs are a secret spice combination, prepared and known to only a few select at the head office. 

When dining at TGKF, guests can get the feel of a food factory. An open kitchen, the cutlery resembling tools and the metal serving dishes all contribute to an industrial feel. Each TGKF outlet exudes vibrant colours and lively sounds and a very distinct ambience that add to the ethnic yet modern feel to the overall concept of the restaurant. 

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