Drink to your health

Amrita Prasad
Sunday, 1 July 2018

Harsh Batra, founder, Happy Ratio, is on a mission to ensure that you feed your body everything it needs on a daily basis without any hassle

Convenient and tasty food is available in abundance nowadays but how do you determine its nutrition quotient? Happy Ratio (www.happyratio.com), which claims to be ‘the most balanced meal for your body in a single glass,’ is a perfectly balanced and nutritionally complete meal that you can prepare in less than a minute. Conceived and founded by Harsh Batra, Happy Ratio meals have no bad allergens that can react negatively with your body and come with zero added sugar. 

Batra, a professional sportsman in his younger years and later an entrepreneur who lived a busy lifestyle, struggled to eat well. “I always had to compromise because getting  healthy nutrition required time, effort and money. Happy Ratio solves this problem because the meals we offer are healthy, takes very little time to make (1 minute) and can be conveniently carried everywhere without the risk of going bad (one year shelf life),” he says.   

He started Happy Ratio with the goal of creating a meal that has it all. The team experimented with different formula (The Perfect Meal and SupermealX), and learnt in real time through objective blood tests and subjective feedback. Since inception they have worked with world class experts to keep iterating and incorporating the latest of food science and research to create the future of food. 

Most importantly, the meals are affordable. At just Rs 199, customers can get a 400-calorie nutritionally complete meal. It comes in two popular flavours —  vanilla and chocolate. One of the highest rated products online, Happy Ratio is currently selling across 105 cities in India.  

Happy Ratio ensures that the nutritional value of a food item is retained in the products. Says Batra, “There’s a lot of science which goes behind maintaining the nutritional value of each nutrient. We look at the period over which it needs to maintain its nutritional density, add overages to account for its depletion and maintain its goodness over time through a blend of formula and technology. It has no preservatives and is gluten-free, soy-free, GMO (genetically modified organisms)-free and cholesterol-free. Packed with key nutrients such as high protein for growth and maintenance, low carbs for consistent energy, healthy lipids for normal metabolism, fibre for digestion and all the vitamins and minerals to perform hundreds of roles in your body, the product is based on the guidelines of the Indian Council of Medical Research, and is approved by the Food and Safety Authority of India (FSSAI).” 

It has often been observed that healthy meals don’t satisfy your taste buds, however, Happy Ratio is delicious to savour.  “Everyone loves chocolate, and vanilla enables people to customise their Happy Ratio drink by adding other healthy ingredients like fruits and nuts to suit their tastes. This keeps it both interesting and satisfying,” says Batra.  We Indians love our roti, subzi and dal-chawal, and the idea of having packed food for lunch and dinner doesn’t come so naturally to us. Talking about the  awareness and acceptance of packed healthy food, Batra says that it is still a very new concept in India. 

“While there is high adoption in the West, India is also keen to catch up. That is why we see so many health clinics, gyms and dieticians thriving. India is the diabetes capital of the world because eating healthy is not easy. But Happy Ratio meals are packed with key nutrients which will keep you alive and kicking,” he quips.

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