A dose of good, old common sense

Ambika Shaligram
Thursday, 14 September 2017

Dr Kinjal Goyal advises parents to be ‘happy and guilt-free’

If you want to raise happy, content kids, then first pay attention to your needs, dear parents! “The key is to be ‘happy parents to happy kids’. Parents, don’t let your guilt drive your actions. Be a friendly parent, but do not be a friend to them. Children, at all ages, need a parent who they can turn to, in times of distress,” Dr Kinjal Goyal repeats the advice she has doled out in her book, No Kidding — Raising Happy Parents, published by Vishvakarma Publications.

The book release at Pune International Literary Festival, was attended by Deeksha Kalyani, actor Sachin Khedekar and Dr Mohan Agashe. All present agreed ‘there’s no perfect formula to parenting’. However, each one shared their relationship with their children. Educationist Kalyani said, “Parenting should come inherently. It shouldn’t be imposed. Go by your own instinct.”

To which Dr Agashe added, “Parenting comes with practice. It’s a performing skill.” Khedekar, whose forthcoming movie is titled, Baapjanma, says that he shares a friendly equation with his sons. “They tell me that maybe you are a good actor. But you are a good father, first,” he adds.

Dr Goyal explains the reason why she thought of writing — No Kidding... “I noticed that parents came up to me with questions about ‘how they were feeling guilty’...Every time I wrote blogs on ‘how to improve concentration’, ‘how to solve your papers’, they got massive traction. But when I wrote some posts on how parents need to find some time for themselves, they would mostly go unacknowledged. That’s why I thought of writing this book, addressed to parents.”

The book is divided into three sections, with ascending order of number of chapters — 16, 18 and 29. In the course of further discussion, the guests rooted for age-old Indian parenting — ‘Discipline your kids’, ‘Be friendly and accessible, but do not become their friend’, ‘Your action speaks louder — so if you want the kids to disengage from their gadgets, then the parents should do it and set an example’, ‘If kids get bored, let them be. Let them do something creative with their time; you cannot become their entertainment box’. Certainly, a dose of good old common sense.

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