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Alisha Shinde
Monday, 27 August 2018

Morning classes, hectic schedules may leave college students with very little time on their hand, but skipping breakfast — the most important meal of the day — is not an option

Playing games on mobile phones at odd hours is not unusual for youngsters. And neither is skipping breakfast. We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should never be skipped but most youngsters ignore this first meal of the day owing to busy schedules. 

Delhi-based nutritionist Ritika Samaddar says that students these days live fast paced lives due to which they often avoid having breakfast. College students, who have to catch a morning lecture or stay in hostels and complain about lack of time to go to the canteen, are usually the ones missing the first meal of the day.  

However, the food choices that young adults make once they set out for college do make an impact on their health. “New and less healthy eating patterns tend to be the norm for those transitioning to college life. Many students tend to skip meals, mostly breakfast, when making this transition to a more hectic, independent life,” says Samaddar adding that this is when unhealthy eating patterns start having adverse effects on the health of students. “Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day and no one should be missing it,”  she says.

Samaddar points out another concern — the different types of diets that the student community is now following. “There is no harm in following a diet but what is important is that youngsters must take into consideration its implications,” she says adding that it is extremely important for the individual to consult an expert. Even if one chooses to eat less, it’s okay as long as they choose to eat good quality food which is packed with all the nutrients and calories that a person needs in a day. “Eating less does not mean you miss out on your breakfast though, eat something light but make it a point to eat before you step out for your classes or even work,” she says.  

Sharing a few tips for college students who need to get going in the morning, Samaddar says, “For college students who usually skip breakfast in the morning, carrying a handful or a pack of almonds can be a good healthy option.” She points out that it is important to consume such nutrients because they contribute to the healthy growth of the brain, and also build and repair cells in the body. 

If one is hard pressed for time, having breakfast on the go is better than completely skipping it. “More and more healthier, tastier and quicker options are becoming available now —  you just need to find them and invest in them,” she shares. 
Here are some easy-to-make quick recipes that students or even office goers, who find it difficult to make time for breakfast, can try:

Coffee with Almonds
n Almonds     60 gm
n Coffee powder    1 tsp
n Powdered sugar    1 tsp
n Salt as required
n Water    1 tbsp
n Whisk together coffee powder, sugar, salt and water.
n Pour mixture over the almonds.
n Toss well and bake for 10 minutes at 170°C.

Almond Mumbai Magic
- Almonds, toasted     60 gm
- Oil    1 tbsp
- Onion, chopped     1 tbsp
- Ginger garlic, chopped    1 tsp
- Green chilli, chopped.......................1 tsp
- Cubes of cooked potato    1/2 tbsp
- Pav Bhaji masala    1 1/2 tsp
- Tomato puree    1 tbsp
- Water    1 tbsp
- Pudina, chopped    1 tsp
- Lemon juice.     1 tsp
- Salt and pepper as required

- Heat oil. Add chopped onions, ginger garlic, chilli and tomato puree. 
- Add the Pav Bhaji masala and cook for 3 minutes. Add the potatoes and mash lightly.
- Add the almonds and toss well.
- Garnish with chopped onions and lemon juice. 

(Recipes by Ritika Samaddar)

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