Do you want a Bollywood Body?

Anjali Jhangiani
Sunday, 3 September 2017

Chatting up Riz Sunny, who runs a YouTube channel called My Bollywood Body, where he posts workout videos for specific needs

Based in Canada, Riz Sunny runs a fitness channel on YouTube called ‘My Bollywood Body’. But it’s not just a run-of-the-mill fitness channel where random weight loss programmess are hosted, he says. “Each programme is a series of videos.  There are different programmes for women and men and each one is customised. The videos are put together on the basis of our 15-year experience in the world of fitness,” shares Sunny.

Apart from the usual beginners programmes like fat loss, bodybuilding and specific parts of the body like bicep/tricep workout, six pack abs workout, and hips, thigh, saddle bags fat loss, he has a list of specialised ones such as fat loss workout for stay-at-home moms, post cesarean workouts and so on.“Of the many programme we host, the most successful is the fat loss workout for women. It has garnered over 15 million views. All you need is a pair of dumbells to follow this,” he adds.

Behind the concept
Sunny has helped many people achieve their fitness goals in his career. He claims this is his way of community service. “About two years ago, I was researching about PCOS on Google and I was directed to YouTube. I watched about 15 to 20 videos that day about diet and fitness. I got the feeling that bloggers were just trying to make money by getting more and more views. That’s when I thought I should do something that can help my community globally, specially women, as they are often neglected when it comes to fitness and well being. That’s what gave birth to My Bollywood Body,” recalls Sunny.

The series
Sunny shares that all the videos are professionally done. “When I say ‘professionally’, I mean that the process begins by doing research on the topic, engaging a model on whom the exercises are performed and adding a little bit of humour so that the sessions don’t become boring,” says Sunny. While all the programmes are hosted by him, the models change as per the topic of the programme so that they look real. “Also all the programmes (series) have about 10-15 videos which is like an episode series. So the first video leads to the second one and so on and so forth. In simple words, the programme selected can be compared to a popular TV show and just like the show creates an intrigue, our programmes are designed in the same way,” he explains.
Before launching a new programme, Sunny and his team plan months in advance. “We do a lot of research on the subject, speak to people and then the entire series is planned in one go. Nevertheless, all the videos planned are based on the years of experience we gained training people in my our gym,” he says.

NOT JUST Workouts
Anything that’s related to fitness finds a place on the channel. “We also host talk shows on the channel. The topics vary from PCOS to workout during periods to festive diet plans,” says Sunny.

He also invited guests over to shoot a few videos in which they talk about specif fitness-related topics. Sometimes, you might even get to watch a celebrity train along in the videos. “We shot with five-time Mr Olympia Jay Cutler. Fred Smalls, who is a well-known athlete, flew from the US to shoot for a series on body building. We have also collaborated with Mr World Physique Ellen Legend and Indian rap star Manj of the group RDB and many others,” he says.

How to pick the right workout?
Firstly, Sunny points out, it is important to understand your body and condition yourself to the workout. However, one must begin with the beginners workout and set realistic goals. “It’s also absolutely normal to not achieve your fitness goals, but you must not lose motivation. Every body will react differently to the same workout, and so the results may vary,” says Sunny, who believes that one of the main reasons why people don’t continue is the lack of time, which results in lack of motivation. “If you have the time, you will be motivated enough to workout. One needs to give enough time to see the results. You can’t expect to lose 10 kgs in a month’s time. In an ideal scenario, one can lose upto three-four kgs a month or gain one to two kgs a month,” he concludes.

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