Do you love Kiki?

Mallika Jhaveri
Tuesday, 31 July 2018

The Kiki challenge is taking social media by storm but is it worth taking the risk of jumping out of the car, dancing and jumping in again just for the likes and comments?

If you are on social media, you may have seen others take up the Kiki challenge and a few questions may have crossed your mind. First, who is Kiki, and second, why is she making people get out of their cars and dance on the road? Well, here’s the answer — The #InMyFeelings challenge is a trend that has taken over the social media sphere.

This famous song by Canadian artist Drake is so catchy that it literally makes people want to jump out of their moving vehicles and dance to it. The catch however is that they have to dance in the direction of the moving car, which makes the challenge fun but dangerous too.

Comedian Shiggy uploaded a video of him dancing to the song and inadvertently creating the challenge. Talking to a few youngsters, we find out what they feel about the obnoxious challenge.

“It gave me a cheap thrill and made me feel part of this trend. It was a lot of fun to do,” says Shantanu Rajda, a student at Manipal Institute of Technology. He says that the excitement about a challenge is that one has to do it immediately because they don’t last for long. Devi Khanna, who studies at University College, London, agrees with Rajda adding that the spontaneity of it is what makes it so entertaining.

However, this challenge has negatives as well. Charmi Shah, a student of Jai Hind College, says, “Streets with heavy traffic and fast moving bikers have no place for such kind of acts. It’s dangerous and not worth the ‘likes’ and ‘views’.”  

She believes that the person dancing could very easily be hit by a moving vehicle or trip while exiting the car and injure themselves severely. It’s not just the dancer who may suffer but the driver of the car, who usually takes the video while driving, also makes it a risky affair. “Even while staying focused on your driving, there’s no guarantee that you won’t crash into a vehicle or people. So imagine what can happen when you are video recording and driving,” she adds. Kiki may love you, but she definitely won’t pay your medical bills!

However, there seems to be a solution to that. “The challenge requires you to get out of a car and dance, and the car doesn’t have to be on a main traffic-filled road,” says Karan Gupta, a student of Indian School of Management and Entrepreneurship, who took this challenge in his building’s parking lot. He says that taking up this challenge in a parking lot or a private colony is far more safe. “Also, don’t make the driver of the car do the video recording, have another friend do it instead,” he adds.

Be it social media validation, the spontaneous nature of the challenge or the underlying thrill — the Kiki challenge is catching on faster than anticipated. It is all over your newsfeed and FB wall. The song has a great beat and it really does get your feet moving. You can have fun as long as you are safe. 

What you need: A stereo, a car, a driver and a cameraman
What to play: In My Feelings by Drake
What to wear: Sweatpants, shorts, anything that won’t get caught up in your feet or surroundings #SorryNOSaris
Where to do it: Not in full traffic or main roads, try a parking lot instead
What steps to do: The ‘Shiggy’ Step and whatever else the rhythm evokes in you
What to do after: Upload it on social media with #InMyFeelingsChallenge

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