Ditch the Denim

Alisha Shinde
Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Denims can be uncomfortable in this season. Here are a few alternatives that you can try instead

With the sun blazing, you may be covering yourself from head to toe to protect your skin from sunburn. But the one thing that you can rule out from your everyday dressing in this sultry season is denims.  

Ditching the denims, you can wear materials which are not too thick but are comfortable and breezy and yet chic to be worn at the workplace or for a leisure outing. Talking to a few fashion designers and stylists we find out the right way to take a break from denims. 

Pune-based fashion designer and stylist Dolla Baruah says, “Denims are a thick fabric and it is not advisable to wear thick fabrics in the hot and humid weather because the skin just cannot breathe, which is not a good thing. Also, in summer, clothes fade and become dull, especially if it is a dark colour, they tend to develop white patches on them.” 

Sharing ideas on what you can swap your denims with, Baruah says, “Swap the slim fit denims with straight fitting cotton or linen pants which are often called cigarette pants.” She adds that these can be in pastel shades and can be worn with tunics or even full-length kurtas. Baruah believes that this combination is not only good for an outing but also makes comfortable and elegant workplace clothing.  

Mentioning the other types of pants that one can wear now, Baruah says, “Jogger pants and cargos are also a good option.” The comfortable cargo pants can never go out of style. “They’re the perfect substitute for denims. They’re made of comfortable material and have several pockets too,” says Baruah adding that if one prefers a more relaxed look, one can opt for joggers, which are also comfortable because of their loose fitting and yet they make the person look cool. “If you’re not a pant person, try the asymmetrical dress,” says Baruah adding that it is not only comfortable but also breezy. 

“Palazzos are the most relaxing pants that were ever made,” says city-based fashion designer and stylist Jamila Datawala. She adds that though we have seen palazzos only in their most basic form, there are several other types available in the market like a wrap palazzo or even a tie-up one which gives the regular and basic palazzo a chic makeover. These loose pants can be paired with anything, from a long kurta for an office look or with a tucked-in shirt for evening wear or with a tee for that casual outing. “It is one of the most versatile pants in fashion right now,” says Datawala. 

One cannot possibly miss out on lovely casual maxi dresses. Datawala says that the maxi trend has gone one step ahead with maxi skirts. Pairing a tucked-in shirt with a maxi skirt is in vogue and you can always add a little bling to it.

She says that dresses with floral prints add a cool quotient to your dressing. However, Datawala points out that while choosing a maxi dress it is important to emphasise on the material of the dress. 

“Opt for a cotton dress and if you’re a person who does not like the stiffness of cotton, go for a cotton mix. There are plenty of them available,” she says further mentioning that maxi dresses never look boring because they can be paired with endless options. “A light and contrasting stole or a crop shirt jacket, will instantly give your outfit a bohemian look,” says Datawala. 

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