Designing a dream wedding

Alisha Shinde
Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Bhavnesh Sawhney, director, Wedniksha, gives us a glimpse into contemporary weddings and couples’ preferences.

Marriages are made in heaven but to make it a ‘dream wedding’, you have to leave it to the experts. Wedniksha, a wedding event company which is taking part in Vogue Wedding Show 2018 at Taj Palace, Delhi, from August 3 to 5, makes dream weddings come true. 

If you are wondering what’s the logic behind the title Wedniksha, here’s the explanation: Wedding + Nikah + Shaadi. Just like the name covers all languages, Wedniksha plans and covers every kind of wedding. 

Telling us how weddings have witnessed a 360-degree transformation in the last couple of decades, Bhavnesh Sawhney, director of Wedniksha, says that Indian weddings have become grander.

From international performers to high-end décor to world-class destinations, today’s weddings have it all. Which is why more and more couples are appointing wedding planners to,  say, plan a destination wedding, or create personalised gifts and invites, or hire stylists, so that they can step back and enjoy the wedding and not stress about the little details. You can outsource every activity to enjoy your own wedding. 

“At Wedniksha, we have put together a team who actively conduct research and come up with beautiful creative ideas and elements. We believe in curating the most personalised affair for the couple to have wonderful memories for a lifetime,” he says.

Every detail is planned 
The concept of a dream wedding differs from couple to couple. Sawhney says, “Every couple has their own thought of a dream wedding. While some like to have a lavish wedding with hundreds of guests in a secluded location, some like it simple with near and dear ones.” 

Depending on the preferences of the family and the couple, Wedniksha curates weddings in palaces, on cruises, beaches and even ancient architecture and churches. It is known for conceptualising and executing the biggest weddings in the shortest time. “We not only house experts in departments like modern technology, event designing, guest relations and artist management, but also experienced professionals in hospitality and logistics,” he says. 

However, what makes Wedniksha stand out is their belief in working hard and ensuring that the event remains an intimate and personal affair for the client. Every detail and aspect of the wedding is intricately planned and the team constantly takes feedback to ensure things are in place.

While dealing with elaborate wedding set-ups, there are many things which come into play because of which critical aspects of the wedding need to be planned well in advance. “Our customers need to see a canvas and be assured that this canvas will be transformed into reality,” says Sawhney. 

Making it more meaningful 
When asked what are the most memorable moments for them as a wedding event company, Sawhney says, “When we plan a wedding, it’s interesting to see how we can innovate and add more detail and extravaganza to a couple’s dream wedding and make it larger than life.” 

Talking about the ongoing trends, he points out that couples these days are no longer trying to please the world. “They personally want to enjoy themselves at their own wedding and don’t want to be tied down by unnecessary formalities,” he says adding that they are also specific about the invitees on their special day. Besides, they are also paying less heed to traditions which have little relevance in today’s time and are tiring as well. 

Sawhney further says that the number of destination weddings are on the rise. “More and more couples are keen on getting married at international but lesser known destinations like Philippines and others on European waters,” he adds. 

In terms of décor, he says that a lot of couples are keen on taking the eco-friendly route this year. The Wedniksha team comes up with unique eco-friendly ideas with recyclable elements which are classy as well as appealing. Earlier, they used a lot of plastic for the decorations but now greater awareness among people is seeing couples choosing eco-friendly options.

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