Desi sizzlers

Alisha Shinde
Thursday, 16 August 2018

If the Westernised taste has been keeping you away from this smoking hot dish, it’s time to head to Ignite — Bar and Grill at Courtyard by Marriott, Hinjewadi, Pune, to enjoy sizzlers in regional flavours

The rains are perfect for a sizzler treat. Just dig into the smoking hot food and relish every bite of the flavourful meat or the vegetable patty served with your choice of sauce and sides.  But if you don’t enjoy sizzlers because of the Westernised taste and are more inclined towards having Indian dishes, here’s your chance to get the best of both worlds. Head to Ignite — Bar and Grill at Courtyard by Marriott, Hinjewadi, Pune, right away and try sizzlers in regional flavours. Executive chef Rounak Kinger has curated a special menu titled Sizzlers with Regional Twist for you to enjoy the dish the desi way!  

A wide array, including Kolhapuri Samrat Sizzler, Candolim Sizzler, Dakshin Sizzler, Puneri Sizzler, Bombay Sizzler and Allepey Sizzler await you at the restaurant. 

If you enjoy the flavours of Kolhapur and  like to indulge in spices, Kolhapuri Samrat Sizzler, which has both chicken and mutton, is the perfect choice. While the boneless chicken sukka cooked to perfection has a slight hint of coconut and curry leaves and the right amount of masalas, the mutton is spicy and served with bhakri, pickle, masala rice and the all-time Kolhapuri favourite Mirchi Vada. Since the authentic Kolhapuri dishes are served on the sizzler plate, the smokiness adds to the spicy flavour giving it a rustic feel. 

If you want to wash down all that spice, try a beverage. We ordered a non-alcoholic drink — Lavender Lemonade. Who does not like a refreshing lemonade anyway? Served with a twig of holy basil, the drink has a balance of flavours and the right amount of lavender and lemon essence, and, most importantly, rejuvenates you instantly if you’ve had a long day at work.   

Seafood lovers must try Candolim Sizzler, which will immediately transport you to the beaches of Goa. The prawns marinated in recheado paste sizzle all the way till they reach your table. The tender crustaceans with a slight smoky flavour are heavenly. Along with the prawns, fried fish coated with rawa and Goan croquettes are also part of this sizzler dish. Cooked to perfection, the fish is not dry. The croquettes, which are crispy on the outside and soft inside, have a good amount of meat along with diced vegetables. The Goan delicacies are all served on a plate of tomato rice. The only thing missing while having this tasty dish is the shack by the beach!  

For desserts, we had homemade Gelatos with Guava Chilli flavour and Chocolate Bomb. The gelato was smooth and creamy with the right amount of chilli that you usually find sprinkled on guavas sold by fruit sellers on the roadside. 

Chocolate Bomb was equally delectable and melted when hot caramel sauce was poured over it revealing another layer of heavenly delight — a nice warm brownie. The caramel sauce reminded us of our favourite butter toffee. Smooth and creamy and slightly salted when mixed with the melted chocolate and the brownie, the dessert was ambrosial. Chocolate Bomb was served on a warm sizzler plate with walnuts, which had a smoky flavour and added a little crunch to the gooey brownie.      

Apart from the sizzlers, the menu, including starters, main course and desserts, also offers a list of bar delights and food from regions across India. 

Sizzlers with Regional Twist is being served at Ignite — Bar & Grill, Courtyard by Marriott, Hinjewadi, Pune, till August 20 from 7 pm-midnight.

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