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Friday, 19 April 2019

Here’s a list featuring some of the onscreen tragedies based on books that have impressed avid readers and movie buffs alike

Whenever a film based on a book is released, the audience is divided. There are those who prefer the book and tend to condemn any onscreen adaptation, and those who will skip the effort and just wait for the film. Though most times half-baked attempts at making movies or shows based on books have left both sides disappointed, some filmmakers have hit the nail on the head and made everyone happy. Let’s take a look at the top five book adaptions that you just cannot miss. 

This one is established around a peculiar theme of firefighters setting books on fire. The theme is set around a government that has censored all pieces of literature. The novel introduces the audience to a strange world where authorities have now inflicted censorship on a variety of content that it unacceptable for the public to consume. Guy Montag, the firefighter who would dutifully conduct his work, is challenged to do otherwise when Clarisse shines light of the true goals of the ministry, who is in reality scared of the people getting ideas of opposing their system. A must watch, Fahrenheit 451 is sure to keep you on the edge to find out if the resistance succeeds in overthrowing the tyrannical government, or not. Watch the film on April 20 at 5 pm on Star Movies Select HD. 

A crossover of drama, fantasy and horror, Let Me In is a new-age film involving a mysterious girl, Abby who befriends her neighbour, Owen and promises to help him fight against his class bullies. Recognising a seemingly troubled and weak girl of the similar age, Owen sees a friend in her and they soon begin to bond. The disappearance of Abby’s father weaves an interesting tale of events that lead Owen to suspect Abby and her questionable behaviour.  

Based on the 1985 novel of Handmaid’s tale by Margaret Atwood, the movie is set in a dystopian future following the Second World War where fertile women are imperiled to childbearing bondage. As per the plot, the authoritarian government enforces this practice as the fertility rates crash with a rise in environmental pollution and the outspread of sexually transmitted diseases. The idea of the rich being able to impose ritualised rape on women shakes the foundation of what feminism stands for today. The show dramatises the reality of women being called out for their choice of clothing by depicting that the female identity has been reduced to the colour of their uniform. 

The Maze Runner has a series of three movies, popular among young adults owing to the amazing cast in the film. Based on a chain of dystopian science fiction novels, the plot lays out the story after the world was devastated by massive solar flares and coronal mass ejections. A group of teenagers, (called the Gladers), are left in an enclosed space which they call the Glade. With the memories of all their experiences wiped out except their name, the inhabitants attempt to find a way out but are unable to succeed. Beyond the walls of the Glade is the ever-changing maze, home to strange creatures, the Grievers, whom no one has a found a way to defeat. However, on the arrival of Thomas, a newcomer, the plot turns into an interesting chain of affairs with them probably finding an exit from the undying struggle. The films are available on Hotstar. 

Sharp Objects is an American psychological thriller television miniseries based on Gillian Flynn’s debut novel of the same name.  It follows Camille Preaker, an emotionally troubled reporter suffering from alcoholism who gets discharged from a psychiatric hospital after years of self-harming only to return to her hometown of Wind Gap, Missouri, to investigate the murders of two young girls. Upon arriving to her childhood home, she finds herself once again under the critical eye of her mother, Adora, a small-town socialite, which forces Camille to confront her personal demons. The mini-series is available on Hotstar. 

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