Dance like nobody’s watching...

ST Correspondent
Friday, 27 April 2018

...or when everybody’s watching — just choose the iconic moves and make them your own

Commemorating the birth anniversary of Jean-Georges Noverre, who was a distinguished choreographer and the creator of modern ballet, April 29 is celebrated as International Dance Day. This day seeks to promote and encourage the art of dance around the world. While dance requires a certain amount of practice, skill and grace, it also requires some amazing music to get you moving. From Beyonce to Silento, here we take a look at artists that have given us some iconic dance moves to learn and then show off whenever we get a chance — be it at a wedding, a function, or just a visit to the club with your friends.

Lean On — Major Lazer
Shot at ND Studios in Karjat and Kaul Heritage City in Vasai, the choreography is inspired by Major Lazer’s previous tour of India. We’re guessing the moves were an improvisation of some of the most-used steps in Bollywood songs. Diplo confirmed in an interview that the choreography was more or less created on the set and the dancers were trying to learn the steps in between the takes. Remember the Hokey-Pokey? Add a little swag to it and you’re good to head over to the dance floor to shine.

Gangnam Style — Psy
One of the most fun choreographies of all time, Psy’s Gangnam Style became a massive sensation on the internet within just a day of its release. But Psy’s not the man behind the famous horse-riding dance, the man responsible is Lee Ju-sun. Word is that though Psy went on to earn millions, his choreographer was paid a small lump sum followed by a hefty bonus, but he still didn’t think it was a fair fee for his work.

Nevertheless, the horse-riding dance is one of the easiest moves you can pull off with or without grace, it doesn’t matter. The more awkward, the better.

Watch Me Whip — Silento
Silento, now 20-year-old rapper, made his debut with Watch me Whip in 2015.  The song itself is about iconic hip-hop dance moves — the Whip and the Nae Nae. While the Whip involves you raising your arm and swinging it back down, to do the Nae Nae, you have to fix your feet on the ground, bend your knees, put one hand up and one hand down and sway your torso from side to side. Silento gives you a cue for which dance to do when the song is on, so there’s no stress. Break your legs is another step he wants you to do while you hear the track — bend your knees and swing them in and out, don’t land up literally cracking your bones though. 

Single Ladies — Beyonce
The iconic choreography isn’t a Queen Bee original. In fact, inspired by a performance on The Ed Sullivan Show from 1969, she worked to give it a modern twist with choreographers Frank Gatson Jr (who has been her choreographer since her Destiny’s Child days) and JaQuel Knight. Over 5,000 women auditioned to dance beside her, but only two were chosen. However, one of them couldn’t make it due to unforeseen circumstances, so her understudy stepped in. Both the women in leotards and heels beside Beyonce in the video are ballerinas, and they had to perform the whole piece from over 50 times on set. A tip for when you try to do this yourself — leave your body loose and relax the wrists.

Macarena— Los del Rio
If you ever find yourself thinking what to do when your friends have brought you to the dance-floor and your brain has decided to freeze, stay calm and do the macarena. It’s a tried and tested set of steps that everyone can do — we literally mean everyone from your clumsy toddler to your grand aunt with that hip replacement — thanks to the repeated chord progression throughout the track. The dance became such a popular favourite that in 1996, delegates attending the Democratic National Convention in the US were filmed dancing to the song, or let’s say they were ‘doing the Macarena’ in an afternoon session.

Groove to some of the most iconic choreographies in the world of music videos this International Dance Day with Vh1’s special at 12 noon and a repeat at 6 pm.

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