Creative Expression

Faraz Akhtar
Monday, 7 May 2018

Blogging can be a tool to express your mind but you must know how best to use it.

Writing is probably the best way to express your feelings, anxieties and doubts and vent out your anger and frustrations, especially if you are a teenager with hundreds of thoughts running through your mind. Writing can help you tame these thoughts and put everything down.  

This phase is probably the most confusing one with a lot of doors opening and many of them even shutting down. To deal with all this, the easiest thing to do is create and maintain a blog. But of course the internet has its own boons and bane(s), and one should know what to write and what not.

The internet has definitely given one a lot of freedom to say whatever one has in their mind but it is important to consider where to draw the line and how one must present themselves in this space.  

Gauri Sinha, a teenaged blogger and the author of, says that she chose to write blogs because it is a platform which is known by many people. She believes that a blogging site is a solid place where her work can be seen and her thoughts be read. 

Talking about the issues that teenage bloggers face, she says, “No matter how well your blog is, if you don’t have readers, it doesn’t really make a difference.” She points out that it is easy to publicise work now because of social media, but people usually just go to the blogger’s homepage and don’t really read the work. Which is why Sinha says that it is important to have an eye-catching web design and attractive headings. 

As the famous Shakespearean quote goes, What is in a name? Apparently a lot. Sinha says, “Of course your username plays an important role because in the end it all comes down to how aesthetic your blog actually is.”  

Content is the supreme king when it comes to blogs, and as far as the content is concerned, Sinha says that readers get to know when you write from the heart. Though it may sound cliched, but it is true. “The reader seems to connect with you the most when you pour your heart out because the words are a piece of the writer.” However, Sinha says it’s best not to try too hard to make the content relatable to all. “That is a path we all have tried to tread but it only leads to a fake sounding article,” she says adding, “People then don’t feel the connection with the writer.” 

It is important to consider that if one wants to be a blogger they should be clear with their opinions, facts and emotions. Some people like to write about their emotions or things that prick them in life, but what is important while penning down thoughts is that one writes about things that concern them both as an individual and the world at large. One should be intelligent enough to write what they actually feel while making the reader comprehend the message.

“Lastly, you should not feel hesitant about writing about your opinion because it matters and may even start another chain of ideas,” says Sinha adding that one will be surprised by the response they get and from whom they get. “One should be confident about their work and keep trying, keep writing,” she concludes.

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