Creating his own style!

Debarati Palit Singh
Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Lakhwinder Wadali, son of Puran Chand Wadali of Wadali Brothers fame, talks about his new single and the need to change their style of music with the changing times

His father Puran Chand Wadali and uncle Pyarelal, known as the Sufi qawwali duo — the Wadali brothers — are well-known names in the classical music circuit. But Lakhwinder Wadali doesn’t like to get bogged down by the thought of carrying forward the family legacy.  “I don’t feel any kind of pressure. Whatever I have sung so far, people have liked it. I started off from Punjab where I got good response. I have also been part of reality shows like Junoon Kuch Kar Dikha Ne Ka and Music Ka Maha Muqqabla. I got good response on the show too in spite of following my gharana and my style,” he adds.   

Lakhwinder has recently launched his single Balma, which has been released by Zee Music. The young musician is happy with the response the track has received despite it not being a commercial number. “I have received great response for Balma. It is being played on national music channels. It feels great when your song gets such positive response because we do not get to hear such soulful numbers on music channels.” 

But is it difficult to create such classical numbers which exactly do not fit into the commercial track category? He replies, “It’s definitely a challenge to get such huge response. Balma is a thumri based semi classical song and so typical of our Patiala gharana. It’s also got the essence of the Wadali Brothers and I am happy to create the song because I wanted people to know that after Wadali Brothers, there is someone else who can create similar kind of music. It was a huge responsibility and my duty too.” 

Lakhwinder, in the past, has worked in albums like Unpredictable, Naina De Buhe, Ishq Da Jaam, Ranjhanna and others. Ask him if he feels the need to change his style of music with the changing times and he says, “Definitely, it’s very important. It’s important to change with the changing tastes. Right now, I am recording a Sufi track with my Ustad and father. The music is Bollywood style. We are trying to make it a commercial track,” he says, adding, “Having said that, my dad always tells me, ‘if a song touches your heart, it’s obvious everyone will else will like it’.”    

It’s an ongoing debate that youngsters no more listen to classical music as they are more inclined towards mainstream Bollywood music. But Lakhwinder believes that it all depends on personal likes. “There are some people, who at a young age, get connected to traditional songs and there are adults who do not understand them. It all depends on what people like. I have toured a lot with my father and uncle and people have loved our concerts and music. People love classical music which is a big deal for us,” says the singer, whose last song Tappe 2 had crossed 6.3K views on YouTube in 20 hours since its release.

The singer says that he is also working on two tracks, one is composed by Anmol Malik (daughter of Anu Malik) and another by Anand Raj Anand.

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