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Vinaya Patil
Sunday, 8 October 2017

WorkApps aims to bring about more work efficiency in large organisations,
explains founder Rudrajeet Desai

A file manager, an internal chat system, all your task lists in one place, and setting your work priorities — what if you could find all of this in one place? Workapps, a start-up by Rudrajeet Desai, is a Work Management System (WMS) that aims to make things simple at work.

“The idea is to save time spent in managing work and get more time doing what we love. It thus aids in boosting efficiency,” says Desai about his enterprise tech product that is targetted at organisations. You can create and manage tasks, work in projects, share tasks with colleagues, have discussions with teams, get notified on all important events, chat with people around, manage your personal stuff and be connected from wherever you are with the help of this app that was launched a year ago.

“It is a solution for large enterprises to bring about a digital transformation, and secures communication for them which is often a very critical requirement of large organisations,” explains Desai.

Workapps, with its engineering team based out of Pune, has offices in Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru, from where the team manages the app. Workapps also hosts a mobile application that helps colleagues communicate with each other. Among its major clients so far are HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank and a large media house.

How does it work?
The management system is supported by artificial intelligence. “Many organisations still reply on PDFs for sharing crucial information. We created a platform where this information could be stored and shared,” says Desai, adding, “Feed in your requirements, and your content will be organised with the help of Workapps.

Some key components of Workapps are Secure and Dedicated Chat, Effective Web UI, Company Phonebook, Employee Attendance, Add Off Payroll Staff, Employee Profile, User Status, Employee Location, Women Employee Security, Automated Travel Claims, and One Way Messaging, apart from the more nuanced ones like Task Comments, Task Search, Pre-fed Contact List, Notification Filters, Multi Window Chat and so on. Many of these, Desai says, are not available on other such apps currently available in the market. Each one has some of these. So Workapps came up with an integrated product after studying all of these, he adds.

Desai works with a core engineering team of 30 people. A Mathematics graduate, Desai himself has worked in sales, advertising and marketing fields in the past. He has been inspired by entrepreneurship for years, and thus began work on his start-up a couple of years ago. “I feel that India has fewer product companies and more service companies,” he believes, and says that the enterprise collaboration industry is huge today. “It’s a USD 70 million industry and is only bound to grow,” he insists, almost sure that paper-based documents will soon die.

Developing features
The start-up is working on evolving the analytics and the artificial intelligence bit of its software. “We are also trying to reach smaller organisations like coaching classes, etc,” Desai says.

Among its developing features are Automated Workflows, Real Time Rate and Review, Project Milestones, Customised Dashboards and others. The start-up’s revenue model, which is currently based on licences and monthly rentals, is sure to generate more profits for Workapps.

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