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Fatima Peter
Saturday, 10 June 2017

A visit to Canacona in South Goa is a must to enjoy the peaceful, lazy and postcard perfect beaches

Canacona in South Goa! A different, less touristy image emerges when you talk of this place. Surrounded by idyllic beaches, and groves of coconut and cashew trees, it is not thronged by the partying kind. It’s meant for those who like to be lulled by soothing sights, calls of birds and verdant wildlife. And, of course postcard-perfect views of lazy beaches which you can visit —  Cola, Talpona, Patnem and Palolem. 

The beauty of Canacona is as yet untarnished. Blues and greens merge along the long stretches of peaceful beaches. The surrounding houses are mostly coloured in bright purple, yellow, blue and pink, reflecting the joyful and friendly nature of the local people. The roads are narrow with crisscross bridges. 

The peaceful and pollution-free environs are reason enough to calm down your nerves and detox your body and soul. Make sure you don’t miss the morning and evening visits to the beach to get a glimpse of the sunrise and the sunset, and the gentle lapping of the sea waves. 

There is no better place to calm down your body and mind by doing yoga than the beaches in Canacona. You can take Yoga classes which are held in the mornings or evenings or you can try out some asanas all by yourself. The peaceful spots are perfect places to practise meditation in sync with the natural beauty.

The Galgibaga Beach is mostly peaceful as very few tourists visit the place. One of the centres of attraction at this beach is the turtle nesting site which protects and conserves Olive Ridley turtles. Four volunteers and other members of the Goa Forest Department help in the process of conserving the turtles, that includes protecting the eggs laid by the turtles, which hatch in around 55 days. 

One female turtle lays around 100 eggs at a time, from which at least 70-80 turtles survive and are left back in the sea. The season of laying of eggs and hatching falls between October and May. The turtle conservation on the beach began due to the efforts of the Galgibaga parish priest and some villagers.

Now for some food. Make sure you try out the local fish curry and other seafood options which are available in plenty. Instead of eating out at restaurants, you can enjoy the local flavours by digging into home cooked food, which many villagers offer. The masalas used in the curries are hot, spicy and tangy. The Tangy Prawns Okra Curry is a must try. 

At the Madgaon market, you can pick up the local sweet dishes like Bebinca, Dodol, Guava Cheese and some tangy Kokum (Garcinia) fruits which you can add to the fish curry. Also, dry fishes are available in plenty and homemade vinegar which lends a tangy flavour to the yummy Goan fish curries. 

Make sure you take the local buses to travel to nearby markets because it provides a closer look at the local people and their simple lifestyle. You can get a variety of artifacts made with shells, bamboo, brass as also jewellery made of stones in the markets. They also showcase a huge amount of fresh agricultural and homemade delicacies brought in by the villagers from the neighbouring areas.

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