Cli(q)cks with buyers

K Shivraj
Sunday, 2 July 2017

A rather unconventional looking gearless scooter Honda Cliq performs well under a variety of riding conditions and the best part is its highly competitive pricing.

A rather unconventional looking gearless scooter Honda Cliq performs well under a variety of riding conditions and the best part is its highly competitive pricing.

To increase its market reach, and change the perception that equivalent powered scooters are costlier than motorcycles, Honda has launched a new scooter called the Cliq. Unlike the Activa, Aviator or the Dio, the Cliq looks different. Sharing the platform with the Activa, the new scooter seems to find inspiration in the styling of Navi, albeit with all the cues included that a scooter is expected to possess.

Almost a completely normal scooter with a highly competitive price of Rs 42,499, ex-showroom Delhi, for the standard version, and Rs 500 extra for the sticker version, the Cliq employs a lot of plastic. Aimed at men and women, the scooter combines shiny, matte and carbon-texture finish surfaces. If this contributes towards good presence, the body panels of Cliq are flat, and with clean lines. The front mudguard may look good from one angle, and overbuilt from the other, but the Cliq’s styling makes clever use of the texture interplay and motifs. The big round motif the scooter flaunts, looks inspired by that of the Navi. 

Quire refined 
The large front fairing is fixed and contains a simple head lamp and large turn indicators. The instrument panel is part of the fairing, and basic in nature. It does not move with the handlebar, and neither does the head lamp. The exposed handlebar is painted matte black, and sets this scooter apart from the other conventional ones out there.

The handlebar clamp is covered. The quality of plastic may not be top notch, but is not bad either. If this provides some insight into how Honda has managed to price the Cliq such highly competitively, the scooter gets a small accessory range that includes a carrier-cum-grab rail at the rear.

A tool kit is integrated into the seat bottom, and clears more storage space under it. Power outlet under the seat is optional. The flat floorboard providing enough room to rest the feet, the Cliq feels quite refined. 

Powered by the 8PS, 110cc single-cylinder engine that also powers the Activa, the Cliq displays good acceleration. Speeds in the region of 60kmph are achieved with ease. Even with a pillion rider, the Cliq displays good pull. There’s good flow of power in the mid-range. The ride and handling capability of Cliq is similar to that of the Activa. The suspension set is the same, with a trailing link front and a monoshock rear. 

The chunky block-treaded tubeless tyres contribute to the good grip the scooter exhibits on a variety of surfaces, and under a variety of riding conditions. According to Honda sources, the tyres measuring 90/100-10 are able to handle poor road conditions better. The rims are steel, and the brakes, drum type. Exhibiting the same ride feel as the Activa, the Cliq inspired confidence when riding on less than ideal surfaces. 

Honda has added an equaliser to the combined braking system of the Cliq. This is claimed to ensure stronger bite and feel. On loose surfaces, the effect of the equaliser was evident as the brakes exhibited good ability to retard the scooter.

The effort required to operate the brake lever is high since it is as good as applying the front and rear brakes. To be offered with customising options, including the carrier mentioned above, the Cliq makes an interesting alternative to the rather conventional looking gearless scooters in the segment that are costlier. 

Its fixed front fairing may mark a departure from conventional scooter styling, the fact is, it feels like an Activa under a variety of riding conditions. 

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