Clean and crazy

Debarati Palit
Tuesday, 17 October 2017

We speak to the cast of Golmaal Again to find out about their experience of working with Rohit Shetty and their thoughts on clean comedy

When the entire cast of Golmaal Again comes together, it’s bound to be complete madness. The media interaction in Mumbai last week was no less. Ajay Devgn, Tabu, Arshad Warsi, Shreyas Talpade, Kunal Khemu, Parineeti Chopra and Tusshar Kapoor had come together to promote their film, to be released on October 20.

We sat down with each one of them to discuss the film, the director and a host of other topics.  
Excerpts from the interviews:

'I do not enjoy offensive comedy'
There is no denying that Arshad Warsi is one of the best comic actors in India but in real life too, he loves cracking jokes. But signing the right project is no joke for him because he considers working with the right team as the toughest job of an actor. “It’s very difficult to work in a unit where your sensibilities match with those of your co-stars and the director. It’s always great if you get a good director because your journey becomes easy. Personally, it motivates me to come to the set,” he says.

But how does he handle the situation when it happens otherwise? “I don’t do such films. If I realise that the crew and actors are trouble and I will have issues, I don’t do the film,” he adds.

The actor, who has worked in memorable comedy hit films says that his idea of comedy is something that is not offensive. “When I heard the script of Munna Bhai, I was told Circuit is a gunda so the first thought that came to my mind was, 'how would I portray it in a nice manner'. I could have played the character like a regular goon, using a lot of slang, but I do not enjoy such roles.”

He adds that the reason the audience has accepted him is because he doesn’t do offensive comedy. “There are two types of comedy films – derogatory ones and comedies like Golmaal or Munna Bhai, which you can watch with the entire family. The audience always accepts such films.”

The star cast is known for playing pranks on everyone on the set but the actor reveals that Ajay and Rohit are the ultimate pranksters. “Rohit is the biggest prankster. He comes across as such a serious person but he is a kid at heart,” he says. He adds that there is equality on the set and everyone gets the same kind of respectfurther adds.

'Once I reach home, I just want to hold the baby'
It’s been an exciting time for Kunal Khemmu. His wife actress Soha Ali Khan delivered their first child on September 29 and the actor is also busy promoting Golmaal Again. The interaction begins with the talk about his daughter Inaaya Naumi and if the young father is having sleepless nights. Kunal says, “Actually Soha is having more sleepless nights. When we were in the hospital, I could hardly sleep. Of course, since the film promotions have started, I am unable to sleep too, so I can’t blame the baby for that.”

The actor says that he is yet to feel the excitement of being a father. “I think it’s too early to feel anything because it’s only been nine days. I am just going with the flow and I really don’t know in what frame of mind I am in. I spend half the day hanging out with the lovely cast and once I reach home I just want to hold the baby if she is up. But she sleeps for around 18-20 hours,” says the doting dad.

Kunal says that his conversations with Soha these days are mostly about the baby. “We discuss about how long she slept, how much she was fed, how many diapers were used, and so on. I guess the fun will be much more a few months later. But I am taking a break after Golmaal Again releases,” says Kunal who has been part of all previous Golmaal films.

Kunal is known for his quirky sense of humour on screen and the actor says he is like that in real life too. “The dialogues you heard me saying in Go Goa Gone, were mine. In fact, I try to bring my quirkiness in each character I play,” he says.

'I can't force my son to watch my films'
Tusshar Kapoor is one actor who has worked in both adult and clean comedies but the actor maintains that no matter what kind of comedy it is, the film has to be story driven. “I try to do films where the story incorporates the humour and not the other way round. The parameters of a commercial film should be there like the story and the concept,” he says.

The actor adds that the plot is very important which one gets to know in the narration of the story. “After that, we decide if we want to do the film or not,” he adds. Tusshar says the reason Golmaal has connected with the audience over the years is because of the characters. “The characters are mad yet believable and memorable. The common man can connect with these characters,” he says.  

And has he become conscious about the films he signs considering his son is growing up? “My son won’t be able to watch the adult films I have done till he turns 18. Having said that, it will be his choice if he wants to watch my films or not. I can’t force him to watch my films and he can watch whatever he wants to. I am not going to change the kind of films I do because of him. If he doesn’t like my films, he can watch his grandfather’s films,” Tusshar says.

'It's a paid vacation'
Actor Shreyas Talpade says that being part of Golmaal Again is more like a paid vacation. “The fun begins the day we start shooting. Now the masti is coming to an end as we are at the last leg of promoting the film. To be honest, everyone has such a great time when we are together. When we were beginning the shoot, there was a certain kind of nervousness because we are coming together after seven years but in the course of the film, the camaraderie just got better,” Shreyas says.

The Poshter Boys director’s character and dialect in the film has been appreciated by the audience. Shreyas says, “Rohit likes to throw such interesting challenges at me and I like that. This time around, he was like, ‘There’s something new for you’. Having said that, when you are doing something quirky, you have take care that you do not overdo the whole thing. It might become irritating for the audience.”

He believes that since the comedy in the film was already quite loud, he had to strike a balance by mellowing his character. “But I am happy that people have appreciated my role in the trailer.”

Shreyas maintains that though improvisation happened during the shooting of the film, the dialogues were never below the belt. “No double meaning jokes or gags at all. Even if we tried something, Rohit would immediately tell us that it’s not on. He would say, ‘My audience will not accept it’. He always wants to give the audience more value for money,” he says.

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