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Anjali Jhangiani
Friday, 30 June 2017

Orange Octopus, which has been supporting local talent and hosting open mics for over a year now, is putting together the best acts in one show

The initial idea of founding Orange Octopus was to create a platform for local musicians to share their music and reach more listeners. While the site is being constructed, Samdarsh Jalali decided to venture out and encourage fresh talent to come out of their shell and claim the microphone by hosting open mic nights at various venues in the city. This Sunday, they are organising a special open mic edition at High Spirits which will feature the best acts from their previous events who will put together one fine show for one fine evening.

“Orange Octopus has been hosting open mics for over a year now. We want to support local talent in some way or the other and came up with the idea of open mics. We discovered that many artists want a platform to perform and an audience to showcase their talent, and to do so, an open mic was a good option. But the demand for such events is more than the supply,” says Samdarsh Jalali, founder at city-based Orange Octopus Records.

He claims that Pune is full of talented musicians, comedians, storytellers and more with no platform to go and perform, and that is where his initiative fills the gap.

But from a participant’s point of view, getting on the stage and ‘doing your thing’ in front of a crowd, might be frightening. Jalali breaks it down for first timers and explains how to make the most of an open event.

The Do's
Be clear about what you’re going to perform. Jalali advises artists to engage with the crowd as much as possible while they are on stage. “Look at the crowd and try to become a part of them through your performance. Make them feel included in your act. If there are kids in the audience, try and be flexible with your content to make it more suitable for them too. Try and restrict the use of slang or adult content,” he says.
Another important tip from the organiser is to make the most of the time you have been alloted. “Most participants who use this platform for exposure forget to tell the audience to follow them on Instagram or like their page on Facebook before they leave the stage. It is important that you do it and use this opportunity to promote yourself as an artist,” he says.

The Don’ts
Don’t be shy or afraid of messing it up. Don’t over-think your performance, just get on the stage and seize the chance to show your talent. The more you worry about how the audience will react, the more you shift focus from what you are there to do.

“You will have inhibitions, but push all of that aside and think about giving your best shot. Another important thing is to not exceed the time limit,” says Jalali, informing that the usual time allotment for music performances is 10 minutes, poetry is 4 minutes and stand-up comedy is 8 minutes.

ST Reader Service
The Orange Octopus will host a special edition open mic event at High Spirits on Sunday, July 2, 9 pm onwards. They also organise open mic nights at Sam’s in Balewadi on alternate Sundays and at Chai at Vimannagar on alternate Thursdays from 6.30 pm onwards

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