The chocolate queen

Ruchika Gupta
Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Zeba Kohli, in collaboration with Hafele, hosted #IndulgePerM2 for Puneites to have an unforgettable chocolate experience and take home some sweet memories 

Zeba Kohli needs little introduction. One of the most renowned chocolatiers in the country, and a philanthropist and an entrepreneur, Kohli has reinvented and brought her family brand, Fantasie Fine Chocolate, to a global platform. 

Her creations are inspired by life in all its forms — experiences, moods and fashion. She uses her experiences as her inspiration for what she calls ‘crazy fusion elements that create a party in your mouth.’ 

Kohli took over her grandfather’s chocolate business and has been carrying forward the legacy. She didn’t and still doesn’t see chocolates as a business opportunity; it’s something she’s passionate about. 

Recently, Kohli, in collaboration with Hafele, hosted #IndulgePerM2 in the city where she created a world of chocolates for Puneites. It showcased an array of fascinating combinations, be it mint chocolate or a sambhar flavoured one. This aesthetically pleasing exhibition was a plethora of talent, from the beautifully laid out bars of chocolates to the shoes made out of chocolate — it had it all! 

When asked about the #IndulgePerM2 with Hafele, Kohli said, “Hafele recognises people in various fields and they like to appreciate excellence in those fields by partnering with them. That’s how my partnership with Hafele came to be. I’ve done a series of chocolate experiences in their Hafele studios across India, and overseas in Sri Lanka. Our many chocolates cater to the cravings and needs of all kinds of palates.” 

For Kohli, chocolate making is all about using these sweet treats as a medium for people to create memories and she tries to tell a story through her various products. She also teaches the art of chocolate making to those who would like to look at it as a potential business opportunity. But for her, it’s something she truly enjoys. 

A lot of us are told to watch how much chocolate we eat. While nothing in excess is good, Kohli  says that knowing what you’re eating and then controlling the quantity is equally important for an individual to have a balanced lifestyle. 

“Today, the world is an ocean and the options are infinite. So how you try to maximise your experience by choosing correctly is what makes the difference. If you’re going to have a really sugary chocolate without knowing whether it has vegetable fat or cacao butter, you’re already indulging in the wrong product. It’s about knowing what you eat and then eating as much as you like!’ she says. 

Her chocolates truly evoke a sense of joy. They look after the sweet needs of people, whether they’re allergic to milk, gluten or are simply in need of keto friendly treats.

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