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Alisha Shinde
Thursday, 25 October 2018

Halloween is all about wearing spooky costumes and having fun with family and friends. To make some delicious cocktails for your house party, try these recipes.

Halloween is the only time when it is acceptable to look deadly and dangerous and scare off people. Celebrated on October 31 every year, the festival is mostly about putting on spooky costumes and wearing Gothic or scary make-up, and attending Halloween parties. The idea is to ward off ghosts, and also have festive gatherings with friends and family.

Trick-or-treat games, carving jack-o-lanterns out of pumpkins and indulging in sweet treats are also part of the festivities. 
If you are planning a Halloween party at home and trying to whip up some spooky concoctions for your guests, here are some cues from experts that they can send chills down the spine, literally!    

Rakesh Thakuri, executive chef, Cirkus, says that Halloween is all about family and friends coming together, playing games, and having loads of laughter and fun. “It is all about having fun together,” he says adding that it is a good idea to use a pumpkin for basic decoration if you want to celebrate it the traditional way. 

“Also, arrange a large bowl of a variety of sweet candies and other treats,” he says further mentioning that one can contemporise the decor by using a bunch of funky balloons here and there and serve the spookiest looking food and beverages, while a scary movie plays on a big screen. 

Suryabhan Shinde, mixologist, The Urban Foundry, believes that the best way to give a fun twist to your Halloween party at home is to add a bit of spooky decor here and there. “As the guests enter the house, add extra spookiness with a creative doormat and further spruce up the interiors with props such as plastic reptiles, fake blood stains, skeletons and other such items,” he says adding that it is best to add a pop of colour to the interiors by decorating the place with lanterns painted in Halloween colours. 

“Nothing is more scary than having blood shots from syringes,” says Shinde  mentioning that candies, blood red cocktails and shots from syringes would be a few great ideas to entertain the guests.  
Nilesh Patel, senior beverage operations manager, Social, adds that one can follow DIY tutorials online to create fun and spooky decor like hanging ghosts made from a white bed sheet or tissue paper rolls and use a torchlight.

“Also, music plays a very important role in setting the mood and creating the vibe, so play some spooky ambient sounds for  the guests,” says Patel. Food and drinks can have scary red, black and maybe slimy green elements to follow the theme and if one has the budget, a smoke machine will just be cherry on the top, he adds.

The Devil’s Margarita
    Tequila...    30ml
    Lemon juice...    5ml
    Sugar syrup..    .5ml
    Lemon grass..     a few strands
    Red wine...     a few drops
    Ice as required 

For garnish
    Watermelon/ muskmelon, scoops as required.
    Cloves as required.

    Pour tequila in a shaker and add lemon juice, sugar syrup, lemon grass, ice and shake it vigorously. 
    Pour it in a margarita glass and top up with a layer of red wine.
    Garnish it with a round shape watermelon/ muskmelon, use clove to give it an eye effect.

(Recipe by Ankush Ahuja, restaurant manager, Cirkus)

Ghoulish punch
These creepy cocktails you will add to the spookiness of your Halloween party and raise the spirits of your guests.

The Haunted Old Fashioned
    Whiskey..    .60ml 
    Maple syrup..    .10ml
    Blood orange slice

    In a mixing glass, add the maple syrup.
    Build all the ingredients in the mixing glass with ice and stir.
    Pour through a strainer into an ice-filled rock glass. 
    Garnish with a blood orange slice.

(Recipe by Suryabhan Shinde, mixologist, The Urban Foundry) 

Blood Bath
    Pineapple and ginger Tepache..    .60ml
    Bacardi White...    60ml
    Coconut syrup...    15ml
    Martini Rossi Float...    15ml

    Shake/ mix all the ingredients well.
    Use the Martini Rossi Float to add a layering effect to the drink and serve.

Brain Drain
    Cherry syrup..    .15ml
    Dewar’s white label...    60ml 
    Mixed apple and lime syrup...    15ml
    Chia seeds...    5gm 

    Mix all the ingredients well.
    Pour into a skull-shaped glass.
(Recipes by Nilesh Patel, senior beverage operations manager, Social Offline)  

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