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Alisha Shinde
Wednesday, 2 May 2018

If you don’t have the time, budget or planning to go for a fancy vacation, opt for a stay-cation instead in your city

Summer is here and many of you may already be on a holiday or waiting to board the flight to some exotic locale. But what if you hadn’t had the chance to plan one or may not have got your leave sanctioned? Does it mean that you have to stay home and miss out on all the fun? Nope. You can sit back, relax, sleep, go to the spa, swim while staying in your city in the comforts of a hotel. Just grab a duffel bag, pack your comfy pajamas and a pair of casual clothing and check in at your nearest favourite hotel. Be a guest in your own city and enjoy the perks of a stay-cation! 

Vrishali Singh, who opts for stay-cations, says, “It’s just like being at home, but with room service, which makes it all so relaxing. It also offers you an opportunity to bond with the family.” Another reason to opt for stay-cations is to cut down on travel time. “We go for vacations to relax and enjoy but the long hours of travelling and road safety issues (if you are travelling by road) make it very tiring. It can be avoided when one opts for a stay-cation,” she adds. 

Akkash Shah says that stay-cations are more easy than going on vacations to a different city or town. “Less time and money and definitely less planning is needed to choose a hotel,” he says adding that it helps one to rejuvenate and reduce the daily stress level. Those opting for a weekend stay-cation, do feel energised when resuming work on a Monday morning. Shah, who likes the idea of a stay-cation over a vacation since his job does not allow him longer holidays, says, “Besides, I don’t have to think about things to do or places to visit, and cram them all in my schedule like when on a regular vacation.”

A few hotels also offer membership that can be availed over a year. “The best part is when you sign up for a membership and the hotel wants to spoil you with their spa and dining offers. It is a win-win situation, the hotel gets their business and I get my peace of mind,” says Shah, who believes that a stay-cation is the best gift one can give oneself to eliminate stress and tiredness. 

Sameer Waskar, who loves exploring new places, says, “I too sometimes prefer checking into a nearby hotel to de-stress.” It also gives him an opportunity to explore some hidden gems within the city. He says that even though long vacations help us to know more about the people, culture and tradition of a place, it also feels good to know your own city and its history  and attractions.  

Ask him why he prefers a stay-cation over a vacation and he simply says, “To cut down on travel time and the expenses involved to get to an exotic destination.” He believes that stay-cations are nothing but a shorter version of a long vacation but with less leave from work and a smaller hole in the pocket. 

“After a long week of meeting deadlines and client meetings all one needs is a stress-free weekend,” says Urvi Shrotriya adding that going for a vacation every now and then is absolutely not possible in the corporate world. But short vacations are feasible.

Planning a vacation involves deciding travel dates, getting leave sanctioned, budget consideration, research and so on. “But the only thing I have to think of when opting for a stay-cation is whether I want to indulge in a spa or go for a swim or go for both,” Shrotriya quips.

It’s that easy! Whether you want to go for a swim or a spa, is your choice, but one thing you can be assured of is that stay-cations are hassle free.   

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