Can you ‘walk the talk’?

Ayushi Garg
Tuesday, 18 July 2017

How important is it to acquaint yourself with the field? Very. And, is it necessary to be able to communicate simply and effectively? Yes. Which of the two is more important? We seek answers

Ami is called for an interview. He is neatly groomed, dressed soberly. He is quite confident about his knowledge in electronics field. But during the course of interview, he stutters and stammers, repeating ‘like’ over and over again. He is rejected. Guess why? Because he couldn’t communicate his knowledge properly.

This brings us to writing this article — is knowledge important or language? What counts when you start working? We speak to young professionals and academicians to get their point of view.

Knowledge empowers, language connects 

In today’s technological world, knowledge is an important aspect. With knowledge, one can spread awareness and educate others. Those who have knowledge are capable of commanding others and ruling the world.
On the other hand, the ability to communicate in multiple languages is becoming more and more important in the increasingly integrated, global business community. In my opinion, knowledge and language are both equally important in life. Both the things play a very crucial role and go hand in hand. Knowledge empowers, while language connects people.
— Kishor Waykar
Professor, Photography

Varies from case to case

It differs from case to case, and the profession you are working in. For instance, fluency is must for a news reader, while knowledge is a must for those pursuing Chartered Accountancy. A professor needs to be knowledgeable and communicate clearly it to his students. He needs to be a good speaker. 

People lose interest in talking with you if you have only knowledge, but aren’t able to communicate clearly. This usually happens when your thoughts accelerate and you tend to catch up to them, sometimes omitting a lot of important facts.

In conclusion, knowledge is a must but a little fluency (in any language) adds up to your personality and helps you put your point across.
— Vrushali Phatak 
Assistant Professor, Mass Communication 

Knowledge counts

It is always appreciated if an individual has great knowledge along with fluency in language. However, I would always stress more on knowledge rather than fluency. Knowledge can be expressed and transferred and helps you grow, whereas fluency in language will only help you to survive in a region.
— Sanjukta Roy
HR - Recruiter

Learn to express
The importance of language is essential as we use it to communicate to people around us of what we feel, desire, understand. There are some amazing speakers in the world, who have a command over facts and information, while their language skills help them make their speech more interesting. In India, people think languages create barriers but people forget that languages have their own way of expression.
— Atharva Gaiki 
Documentary Editor at Centre For Learning Resources

Both are important
A combination of both is necessary for a job or to succeed in any selection process. Being fluent in a language might give you an edge over others, but the lack of knowledge about that particular field, will act as a major disadvantage. On the other hand, having immense knowledge is of not much use if you cannot impart it to those you wish to. Thus, a balance of both serves the best.
— Nisha Rana

Vote for both
Knowledge is most important in every stage of our lives. Without knowledge, we are illiterate tribes. However, we cannot discount the fluency in language, which is necessary to communicate with proper impact. So, knowledge is important, but fluency in language is also necessary.
— Viraj Despande
Media Professional

Being knowledgeable helps 
You can always be fluent in English, but end up making no sense while communicating if your knowledge about a particular topic is weak. Being knowledgeable and knowing about a lot of things makes you wiser and helps you see life and society in a different way altogether. 
— Tushara Mathew
Media Professional

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