A burst of flavours

 Alisha Shinde
Thursday, 4 October 2018

Flechazo at Wakad is all about the delectable dishes from the Mediterranean and Asian regions. You cannot help but enjoy the assortment.

Flechazo, which means ‘love at first sight’, is all set to serenade you with two popular world cuisines —  Mediterranean and Asian. The restaurant located at Wakad, Pune, has some interesting hors d’oeuvres and entrées  that will make you come back for more. 

“The flavours belonging to these regions are extremely distinct. While Asian food is packed with spices, ranging from mild to extra spicy, Mediterranean cuisine offers the best aromatic flavours and when you bring these together it is nothing but magic, which we have incorporated at Flechazo so our guests can taste the goodness of both the worlds all under one roof,” says Jayakannan Perumalswamy, CEO, Eka Hospitality. Flechazo is a part of Eka Hospitality.

Right at Flechazo’s entrance, a big blue Mediterranean Sun, which reminds you of the pristine beaches of the famous Mediterranean islands, awaits to welcome you and join the food party inside. The Mediterranean Sun is symbolic of the 300 days of sunshine which is celebrated throughout the Mediterranean islands. What’s more, the bright yellow and blue colours on the walls, furniture and even the crockery at Flechazo put you in ebullient spirits the moment you step into this place.  

The USP of the restaurant is Food Shot, so you will find a counter serving small portions of food on a conveyor belt. Right from Pani Puri to Dumplings and Sushi to Prawn in Spicy Mocktail Sauce can be consumed in one shot. At the Big O counter, you can also make your own Pizza.

Coming to Food Shot, the first thing that I really wanted to try was the Sushi because I had not tried it before. Those who think Sushi is only about raw food, we assure you it isn’t. A flavoured rice cake dressed with a dollop of wasabi sauce and a steamed prawn, Sushi is a melange of flavours. The pungent wasabi sauce really hits you as you bite into the Sushi but it becomes subtle as it mixes with the rice and prawn. 
The Prawn in Spicy Mocktail Sauce is probably a dish every house party must have. Served in a shot glass, the prawn skewer is dipped in the sauce. And even though it is immersed in the sauce, the prawn isn’t soggy and tastes well with the spicy flavours of the sauce. 

We also tried the Dumpling from the Shot counter. My friend from Shillong, who was accompanying me for dinner, immediately said that the Dumpling reminded her of the ones served in her hometown. To be honest, it isn’t the regular Momo that we eat here, but a more refined version of the dumplings stuffed with minced chicken and fresh flavours.  
Next, the service staff brought us starters, all served hot and in unlimited quantities. What caught my fancy was the Mango Chilli Prawn — the prawn has a crunchy layer and an Oriental Mango Chilli sauce topping, which adds a sweet and spicy flavour. 

The Falafels too were authentic. Made with gramflour, the Falafels are crunchy and not dry like the ones available in most places here. And since they are bite-sized, you can chow down a few in a few minutes. 
While munching on the starters, we had mocktails like the non-alcoholic Sangria. With a good blend of fresh cut fruits in soda and juice, it reminded us of the perfect summer evenings and  the refreshing coolers.

The main course comprised an elaborate spread of dishes including Mediterranean, Oriental and Indian. We had the Murg Methi which was the most healthiest form of chicken I have had in a long time. With less oil and a power packed ingredient like methi, the tender chicken  cooked and marinated with a subtle hint of spices, was delectable.  

Flechazo style Coastal Crab Curry, which is like a homemade curry, had loads of coconut. If you miss Goan food, this is what you must try and even go for a second helping. Murg Dum Biryani was equally flavoursome and aromatic. 

Desserts at Flechazo too are a must try. From hand-churned Nitrogen Ice Cream in a variety of flavours to assorted Macarons and Red Velvet Brownies to Parfaits, you’ll find everything in the elaborate dessert spread. We tried the Citrus Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream which reminded us of our favourite cream biscuits. The combination is something that everyone should try, the citrus punch balances the sweet taste of the chocolate chips and ice cream with absolute ease. While at the counter don’t forget to have the Red Velvet Brownie. The warm brownie is heavenly and has a slight red velvet spin to it. 

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Flechazo is now open at Wakad, Shankar Kalat Nagar (near the Hinjewadi Bridge), from noon to midnight. Valet parking is available. 

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