Bright & beautiful

Anjali Jhangiani
Sunday, 1 July 2018

Celebrity designer Rocky S talks about working with bright colours and traditional detailing for his all new bridal-festive collection.

Rocky S was recently in the city to promote his new collection at Jhelum, a multi-designer store in Baner. The entire line of apparel under his brand Rocky Star was put on display for customers to browse through, select what they would like to try on and get styled by the designer himself. Along with his edgy pret pieces designed for London Fashion Week, he also displayed an all new traditional bridal-festive collection, which will be available at the store. We chatted up the celebrity designer during his visit.

“This collection is very bright and fun. It is mostly for the sangeet or cocktail functions. But these pieces are not necessarily for weddings only, you can also wear them for festive occasions,” says he. The lehengas are available in bright colours from magenta to peacock blue, with generous flare. He has also worked on a variety of choli styles that cater to various preferences pertaining to sleeves, necklines and so on. He also has a piece with puff sleeves for those charmed with the vintage look. The line is a riot of colours, with embellishments ranging from stones to beads, and sequins to shine extra bright on your special day. 

“The lehenga-cholis are not just for the bride, they can be picked up by other family members who want to wear something lighter during the functions before the wedding. This is the first time I’ve worked with such bright colours. I’m keeping it happy and traditional. Whether it’s weddings or festivals, it’s all about keeping it bright in India,” says he. The pieces have embroidery done by artisans from Kolkata and Lucknow. 

But though he stuck to the traditional colour scheme and detailing, he made sure his collection was modern in the way it looked and felt. “I didn’t want to make the collection very traditional. That’s not me. Today’s brides don’t want to be bogged down with heavy lehengas. They want to enjoy their weddings. They want to buy something that they can wear again. I wanted to create something dressy but light,” he says, adding, “We play around with a lot of texturing while working on our Western-wear collections, so that technique has been used to construct the traditional-wear line too. I have translated the Western look in my traditional wear pieces as well.”

Rocky claims that this is not the first time he is working on traditional designs. “I have worked on Indo-Western outfits before but for the last two-three years, I have been focussed on London Fashion Week. I feel that Indian designers need to use more of our indigenous fabrics, embroidery and cuts. We have a rich heritage of fashion and we must explore it,” he says, adding, “I love to use Jamawar for traditional outfits, and brocade too. Even though my pieces look very modern, the heart is Indian and traditional. It has a conservative flavour, but is made for the modern bride.”

Not only does his collection offer a range of styles to choose from, the designer also offers customisations in his outfits. “I think the size is a concern for people. The outfits are made to the measurements of the client. The sample sizes are always very small, tiny infact. Then someone might want sleeves, or not want them, the depth of the neckline and the back varies with preference. I’’m not going to change the style for the customer, but I can enhance their features and consider their preferences,” he shares.

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