Boys and girls, here they come again

Ambika Shaligram
Tuesday, 2 October 2018

The star cast of Marathi film Boyz 2 visited Sakal Times office ahead of the movie’s release on Friday. They tell us what the audience can expect in the sequel.

Within a year of the release of Boyz, its sequel Boyz 2 is up for release on Friday, with three girls and a villain joining the original trio. The commercial success of Boyz was one of the primary factors for the makers to announce the sequel. Vishal Devrukhkar, the director says, “On the success party of Boyz, we were told to go ahead with the sequel. At first Hrishikeh (Koli), the script writer and I were a little clueless. We took about four months to work on the screenplay.”

Those who have watched the trailer, especially the college-going youngsters for whom the movie is meant, can relate to the colloquial speech and smartaxx jibes. Those whose college years are left behind, may find it all cheesy. Interestingly, the young cast and the director agree with the observation and explain the intent behind the ‘masala’ in the film. 

Parth Bhalerao, whose portrayal of Dhungya in Boyz, had everyone in splits, says, “Before the shooting started, we were all asked to join the workshop for the cast. At night Hrishikesh dada would sit with the eight of us and try to understand our lifestyle — why we could never part with our mobile phones, our reliance on social media etc. He also tried to understand our lingo, our attitude and so on. All of this made the dialogues more real.”

Devrukhkar adds, “Our screenplay was ready, but we wanted a contemporary feel to the dialogues so Hrishikesh decided to mingle around with the youth. As far as the cheesy, cheeky dialogues are concerned, we have tried to show the problem that these kids face and also the solution.”

When asked ‘how’, he points out, “These youngsters have been introduced to the concept of sex much earlier in life and perhaps in the wrong way. They don’t know how to sift through all the information and they are not even equipped to deal with the resulting emotions. Their attitude towards girls is not correct and towards the end, we have tried to correct it.” 

The girls in the movie — Shubhangi Tambale, Sailee Patil and Akshata Padgaonkar — agree and say, “Maybe it was different in the earlier generation. Now boys usually take girls for granted. Often, girls decide to get intimate because they have fallen in love. That’s not the case with boys.”

The feelings for the opposite sex are dependent on the looks of the person and their social media profile and the number of ‘likes’ they get. “Shalaka (Padgaonkar) is one such girl who is looked down upon by her friends because she doesn’t garner the requisite likes. But she is the one who stands up and takes the fight forward in the film,” points out Devrukhkar. 

Besides the young cast, Girish Kulkarni is seen in an interesting role and the youngsters were glad to have him around, to learn from him. They  played some pranks too. Apart from Girish, other senior actors include Sharvari Jamenis, who played Kabir’s (Sumant Shinde) aunt in the part one. 

The followers of the franchise can look forward to some fight sequences in the movie and some popular numbers composed by Avadhoot Gupte. The pristine beauty of Ladakh has been captured for the first time in a Marathi movie. Boyz 2 releases on October 5.

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