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Amrita Prasad
Saturday, 9 September 2017

When it comes to bookshelves, there are plenty of options that add a funky touch to your interiors

Books and humans are deeply connected. Bibliophiles not only love to read but also take pride in displaying their collection in the most creative way. Bookshelves are a great way to showcase your prized possession. Today, the variety of bookshelves range from large multiple rack shelves to smaller cabinets with an artistic touch, wall-mounted shelves, hanging ones and so on. And they come in a variety of materials too like iron, wrought iron, wood, plywood, etc.

Interior designer Sneha Shah says “The most common types are adjustable ones with metal racks which have detachable shelves. The simplest one — bracket bookshelf — has an L-shape and is most popular. Floating bookshelves are minimalist and are mostly hidden by the books/items you keep on them. A bookshelf does not necessarily have to store books, you can display a variety of decorative items too.”
The types

Talking about the type of design you must choose for your home, Shah says that the design should be an extension of your personality. “You can go for the conventional glass door bookshelves where you can display antique and decorative items. However, if you are not someone who likes closed storage spaces, you can opt for open shelves where you can also store large vases and colourful decorative pieces. Hanging or floating bookshelves are not only a funky way to display books but also a great way to jazz up your walls. However, bookshelves cannot be large if you are going for hanging shelves,” she suggests.

Hanging or floating ones
Hanging and floating bookshelves do not occupy a lot of space and also allow you to display your books artistically. They also create an illusion that the books are hanging unsupported on the wall. Most of them come in small sizes and can be fixed on the wall with the help of studs, thus when you place your books, the racks are hidden hence they look attractive on the wall. They are also available in pop colours and different designs and shapes, from tree designs to upside down hanging books, heart shape, and so on — floating bookshelves are an ideal option for smaller homes.

Classy wooden shelves
If you are someone who likes antique decor, you can go for wooden bookshelves. They add a classy touch to the interiors, but remember to keep them away from moisture. “If you are willing to spend on bookshelves, you can go for wood like maple, wormy maple, pine, oak, chestnut, mahogany, cherry and so on. But if you want to have your own library with loads of books, oak is your answer. If you like darker wood and something quaint, you must own a bookshelf in cherry wood,” she advises.

Where to place
Just like the design and the type of wood, the space where you place your bookshelf is equally important. Says Shah, “Whether it is your office, study, living or bed room — the location holds a lot of significance depending on whether the bookshelf is being used for display, personal and private use, or for work. If you have a large living area, you can place it near the couch. For smaller living rooms, hanging bookshelves are a great option. Those you are too much into books, the bookshelf must find its space in your bedroom.”

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