Bold and original

Debarati Palit Singh
Thursday, 5 July 2018

Rytasha Rathore explains why she took up the project, Sex Rated: The Vice Guide to Sex in India and why she is not concerned about her previous bahu image.

We had seen Rytasha Rathore play the perfect bahu in Badho Bahu. The actress has gone all bold with her next project — Sex Rated: The Vice Guide to Sex in India, for online platform Vice. The actress has shot a series of episodes highlighting topics like how it is absolutely okay for women to indulge in sex toys, watch porn, as also some issues related to sex and relationships. 

The actress says that she took up the show because of Vice, which is a big name internationally. “When I heard they are launching in India, I got excited because their content is quite edgy and progressive,” she says. She further adds, “I thought this show would be a great way to start a conversation that might make us a more sex positive country. Young people need to be more aware and educated about sex, gender, female pleasure and so on.”

But were there any inhibitions to talk about sex and sex toys initially, we ask and she replies, “Never. I have been very excited since the day they approached me. I just jumped at the idea. My journey with sex and sexuality started quite recently but I have understood that it’s the most natural and amazing thing so we need talk about it more.” 

Most TV actresses try to maintain their beti/bahu image even off screen, because of their audience. Isn’t she concerned about how her fans will react to the show?  

“I understand what you are trying to say, but I am not concerned about my image. Firstly, Badho Bahu is over now. It was a chapter in my life where I was playing a character. I am not that person so I don’t need to live up to that image. It’s important for actors to be themselves,” she says, adding, “Also, online and daily soap market is extremely different. Those who watched Badho Bahu will not go and watch but of course the younger people will watch the series which is great for them.”  

The actress, who created a lot of buzz with her bikini pictures, says that web gives immense freedom to an actor. “One, there is no censorship, you can say things which you can’t otherwise say on TV, which I love because that’s the most realistic way we can capture people,” she says, before signing off.

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