Bold and Beautiful

Alisha Shinde
Tuesday, 24 July 2018

The trend of conceptual jewellery is picking up pace in the market with more and more Indian women embracing its uniqueness, thereby expressing their individuality

Indian women love their jewellery. But the contemporary woman is more keen on wearing a piece that brings out her individuality and makes her stand out from the crowd. Conceptual jewellery helps express her uniqueness and true identity.           

Lara Morakhia, the brain behind Mumbai-based unconventional jewellery brand Lara Morakhia, says, “Nowadays, Indian women are more open to different metals and mediums and innovative creations that bring out their personality.” Every piece of her jewellery collection, including earrings, kadas, rings and neckpieces, is unique and varies in colour and detailing because they are all handcrafted. Be it the vintage silver half moon earrings or even the antique silver Rajasthani haar paan necklace — they are  sure to turn heads when you flaunt them. 

Talking about her latest jewellery collection Zahra, Morakhia says that it has different meanings in different cultures. “For my jewellery, I take inspiration from my travels and the different cultures and places I have been to. So the pieces have a cross cultural identity but all united under the singular theme of beauty,” she says adding that Zahra is a confluence of the Japanese culture and Indian traditions.

“Every design is one of a kind with antique and vintage silver, jadau and gold beads,” she says adding that even though the finished piece of wearable art has pearls and layers of detailing, it still has India at its roots and stays true to the traditional elements of the antique pieces.  

Although there are no rules for wearable art, Morakhia points out that there are certain things that one needs to keep in mind while choosing a piece and more importantly, one needs to have the panache to carry it off. She uses silver and gold abundantly in her collections because they are timeless. She suggests that it is good to pick pieces that are timeless and also suits one’s individuality. 

Another Mumbai-based jewellery designer Roma Narsinghani whose eponymous label caters to the chic and savy modern Indian woman makes structural earrings and necklaces inspired by the architectural wonders of Mumbai. Narsinghani is known for her creative designs, including hair accessories like bun hair accessories made in brass and gold.  

Recently, Bollywood actress Neha Dhupia wore their geo earrings and links kundan choker at an event in Mumbai. 

Narsinghani says that her designs are inspired by architectural designs of form and function. The jewellery is sculpted from pieces of precious metals which she says can be forged to last an eternity. “Each gold plated piece allows you to experience the incomparable thrill of a kind,” says Narsinghani adding that nowadays Indian women are willing to experiment and sport any kind of jewellery without any awkwardness. However, she points out that since the boom of conceptual jewellery, women all over the world are embracing its uniqueness because it lets them speak their mind and express their feelings. 

Narsinghani believes that women these days have become bold and actively express their cultivated taste without any inhibitions and are not afraid to experiment. 

Talking about her designs she explains, “With each design, I distill multiple references to create something completely new. My pieces can be bold and striking or whimsical and quirky.”

Jewellery can also have a message. Narisinghani is working on vivid collections such as Anti-Cyber Bullying. But right now, she refuses to reveal more about it. Another collection called Aerial Mumbai incorporates aerial views of the metropolitan city into her signature geometric aesthetics.

So if you aren’t looking for ornaments that only look good or go well with your outfit, try conceptual jewellery and make a statement.

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