The Boho Man

Anjali Jhangiani
Friday, 16 November 2018

House of Homme aims to achieve a marriage of style and comfort in menswear with their new boho-inspired collection

With the blurring of gender-based structures of apparel on the ramps, fashion is becoming androgynous on the streets too. Who says menswear needs to be mundane, and that men are allowed only a certain set of colours? City-based House of Homme, a brand run by designers Sachit Jain, who ventured into his family business Jaihind Retail after completing a course in Luxury Brand Management in London, and Swati Shetye, who has designed for and styled various Bollywood actors and films, bring you a range of boho-inspired clothing to suit those who are as fashionable as they are free-spirited. 

Talking about their latest collection, Jain says, “We studied the forecast from renowned fashion forecast companies and were inspired to come up with cutting-edge contemporary designs. While most of the pieces in the collection are trendy, there are also classic options which can be oomphed up the way you want. The looks are a calculated combination of modern desi and boho.”

The label focuses on elegance, which is why a lot of effort goes into the detailing of the outfits. Adds Shetye, “Right from what kind of finishing needs to be given to which look to how the client’s names are customised on the outfits — everything is given a great deal of attention. We make sure to add a pop of an accent to all the outfits as our signature design.”  

Classic silhouettes never go out of style, and the brand believes in working within these structures to create something fun and different for the demand by millennial clients. Be it their asymmetric kurtas in vividly fresh colours or the tie-and-dye ones in floral tones, these pieces are best picks for the wedding season this year. “Our colour palette is inspired by Pantone’s colour forecast. So we are introducing a good range in various colours to suit the sensibilities of every client. Urban Indian men come to us with an open mind about fashion and are enthusiastic about trying out new trends. They are looking to break the rules and try new silhouettes. We have experimented with drapes and colours and patterns to come up with a variety of unique and fun ensembles for the metrosexual urban man to choose from,” says Jain. 

More and more Indian labels are encouraging the use of indigenous fabrics, and so is House of Homme. “For the winters, we are trying to bring pure silks back into men’s wardrobes. We want to promote Indian textiles as much as we can. We stock a wide variety of fabrics from which our clients can come and choose what they like. We help them out after getting some basic information like what occasion they will be attending and where, so we can zero in on what will look grand and comfortable at the same time,” says Jain. 

The different sections of the collection cater to various age groups, so there is something for everyone. “And the best part is that we make our outfits according to the client’s specifications rather than compromising their comfort,” says Shetye.

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